My goals and my stack


Hey guys,

Here is my goal:

  • I have a girlfriend. So my goal in this area would be to be more dominant with her, good alpha attitude, good sex, be THE MAN.

  • My major goal in general is financial success, in an entrepreneurial way, not a job way. Getting rid of procrastination, being focused, hustling, money on my mind, etc.

I bought Ascended Mogul because in my opinion it kind of tackles both.

My question now is, would a Primal + Mogul combo be better? I’ve heard so many amazing things about Primal so i’m thinking about it.

Would Sex Mastery have its place in my stack? Or would it be too much?

I know I already purchased AM, but let’s not take that into account. If a different stack would work better then I wanna know that.



Sex Mastery X is by far, one of the best subliminals we’ve created. I use it regularly myself. The best thing about Sex Mastery X (at least my experience with it, and I know a few others, like @Alexander) is that you don’t have to run it continually to get results. You can run it a few hours before expected sexual contact and it’ll still do its thing. I’d prime it though by running it for about 2 weeks like a regular stack, then run as needed.


Thank you!

Any opinion on the rest of my question?


Missed that part. Yes, Primal + Mogul would get you the results you want quicker, since Primal is heavily focused toward connecting with your sexuality.


Sex Mastery X was the unequivocal favorite of all the testers if I remember correctly.

It works quickly and it’s scope of influence is rather small so you’ll notice results immediately.

If money is an issue the script of Sex Mastery X is included in most major subliminals.


Question since we are on the topic of sex mastery x, will there be a masked version of it any time soon?


i think they need to upgrade the weapons x platform itself to do that.


Thank you guys for the answers!!