My first experience with Subliminal


I’ve decided to start a Journey here since I have been seeing amazing results.
A little bit about me, I have 30 years old and my wife and I are having a break.
I have been working as a freelancer for the past 5 years, but I am without clients for the first time in my career.

I want to improve my wealth and work, it would be better as a freelancer or an entrepreneur, but a good job would be fine as well.

I have been doing some life hacks to improve myself, like nofap, meditation, cold shower, weightlifting and healthy eating.
I am in pretty good shape so it is not my main goal.

And since I have been with the same women for the past 7 years, dating will be extremely challenging for me. To be honest I don’t really want to date anyone at the moment. I still love my wife and I want to get her back. But I will be open to meeting new girls.

Currently I’m listening to Emperor v4 alone for one week something between 15 to 20 hours per day, ultrasonic at night and masked during the day.
I will be adding one or two stack modules, probably Aura and Rebirth soon.
And in a month or two I will stack with Primal Seduction or True Social.

Here is a review of my first week so far.



  • Since my divorce I haven’t been in a good mood or optimistic about life. This week that changed, every day I feel better and more excited about the future.

  • Every time I have things to do outside my work, I tend to leave to the last minute or have someone else to do it for me. I noticed this week that I am just doing stuff, without thinking much.

  • NoFap was really hard for me. Every time I got to the 7 day mark, I lose control. Now I am on my 12th day without any struggle.


  • One morning I came up with 4 business ideas out of the blue. 2 of them were old ones but made me excited about making them a reality.

  • I feel more disciplined and just taking more actions at work.


  • My voice is louder. I tend to speak in a very shy way, with a very low volume. In the first day I noticed that I was speaking a little bit more freely and louder.

  • English is not my first language. I can read or listening to anything in English without problems. But speaking in English has always been the biggest problem. I try to speak too fast and the words that come out of my mouth don’t make sense sometimes. But that improved a lot. Maybe is because I’m feeling more calm in social situations or because the subs are in English and it is becoming more natural subconsciously.

  • I’m talking more naturally with strangers. Usually I don’t talk to anyone unless I really have to.


  • When I started this I was only thinking about love. I lost my wife and I still love her. I wanted to get her back. But now I don’t care that much. I just want to focus on my work. Never felt like that before. Love has always been a priority for me.


  • Yesterday I did the same workout I have been doing for 4 week. Usually at the end of this workout I completely drained. Yesterday I was feeling that I could do it all again without rest.

  • Added a little more weights on a few exercises, but nothing crazy.


  • Noticed a decrease in interest on going to the gym. I’ve always liked working out. But this past week I didn’t feel in the mood.

  • Sleeping has been a problem since I’ve started Empreror. But I know it is normal when you start doing subliminal. In a way I’m glad that this happened, listening to Ultrasonic at night feels like nothing is gonna happen. But the trouble sleeping was a sign that even tough I am not hearing to anything, my subconscious is. The last 3 days have been better though.

I was a bit sceptical about subliminals, but I decided to give them a try. I’m happy I did.
This has been life changing and it has been only one week


very elaborative, Thank you so much for sharing…

similar situation bro 33+ , divorced, kinda lost in life… but stremlining my priority and aimed at becoming the best version of myself.

ive been running emp v4 for around 30+ days now, the changes are internal, i tell you, it shifts your self talk, it accelerates your journey to becoming the best version of your self, if thats your goal…

mood must not decide your gym routine, it must grow into a habit, a part of you, thats something so essential as showering… (as i say this im procrastinating myself :/)

all the best, looking forward to your progress and this journal

May the force be with you!


Thanks for the support!

I’ve read your journey on emperor before purchasing. Was one of the many journeys that influenced my choice.

I think I wasn’t clear on my message. I did went to the gym, I just wasn’t in the mood. I have been consistent with my weightlifting for more then 10 years. The only thing I noticed this week is that I was more inclined on not going, but I went anyway.


im on a similar note, its been like 2 weeks since i stepped into the gym, 10 years is huge, im guessing it s apart of your DNA now :slight_smile: ive gone for 3 years consistently… well, i guess its just a mood swing not a repetitive feeling…

reason i didnt go to the gym…reason 1 due to the corona, reason 2, found my favorite excuse to be safe…


hows it going with you?


Following interesting story


@dhc @rising
Thanks for following my journey.
I prefer to do a summary of the whole week instead of a day to day jornal.

If I sleep less one day and have a little less patience on that day, I don’t want it to be mistaken as a Emperor result. So I’m only reporting things that happens repeatedly during the week.