My first Elixir Ultima listen

I’m listening to my first run of Elixir Ultima.
It’s playing on an iMac at a reasonable volume on the speakers.

Noticed at 7 mins 30 seconds a tingling in the back of my head
I decided to write this as a draft and record stuff as it comes.
I’m reading the entirety of the Mind’s Eye thread as I listen.

7:30 - slight tingling. only lasted a few seconds after I noticed.

9:00 slight earache in the left ear. Gone in a few seconds.

11:00 slight tingle just to the right of my sternum. Only lasted a few seconds.

21:57 slight pressure/itch above right eye just right of centerline. The tingling is back slightly in the back of my head and slightly more on top toward the crown.
(Mainly noticing random itches in places. Can’t say it’s the sub, as it could just be me paying attention more). Open for interpretation on this I think.

26:36 It sorta feels like I’m noticing something happening below the surface but not sure what it is. I’m wondering if I’m just adding meaning to every tiny sensation I have.

32:05 Very slight pressure top left in front of my head. lasted only 5 seconds.

40:00I’m not sensing anything other than random itches/aches that come and go since I’m paying more attention.
I’m not expecting earth-shattering stuff here, I guess. Just after reading @anon2351792 experience a few hours ago, I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong :wink:

45:55 I’m noticing a slight sense of “optimism”. Like I’m suddenly positive about stuff. Very slight. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

56:50 slight headache on back left top. not going away, but also not debilitating.

60:00 The sub is over. The headache from 56:50 is coming and going. very slight where it ebbs and flows. Not too serious.

As I’m typing this, I got a sharp temple pain in the right temple. Biggest effect right now is right as the sub ended, I felt something similar to what I feel if one of my binaurals I used to listen to would end too abruptly. It would feel like I had water in my ears.

That was sorta pronounced just now. maybe a 3-4 on a 1/10 scale.

The room seemed to shake a tad. that only lasted for a few seconds.

I mainly just feel like I don’t want to go to bed, but that’s usual for my night-owl self lol.

I’m going to play Mind’s Eye Q before bed. The first time I played ME T² I got a wickedly massive lucid dream. I wanna go for that tonight and see if I can use the lucidity to probe how ElixirU has worked on me.


After reading you, I can say you are doing it in the perfect way for you. I have history with subs doing crazy stuff on me the first listen. It happened with Elixir Ultima, Sanguine Ultima, Minds Eye T² and one of my customs. I have no idea why it happens though, but I know its unusual and Ive learn not to expect that response.

That sounds like a great idea! Cant wait to read your results, may this be a wonderful journey!!

Aren’t they supposed to be played on headphones? Because you want the masked messages to get through and you’re only getting the ultrasonic bit

From the stuff Saint said about Ultimas before, it needs to be high-quality headphones or speakers.

It is ideally that listening setup, but doesn’t have to be. It was mandated during Ultima testing, but I got results from Dreams ultima last night using some sleep earbuds (definitely not studio-quality).

Speakers should be fine though, n’est-ce pas?

While the “real time” analyses that people are posting is cool, remember that even Ultima-powered subliminals still need processing time. And with a title like Elixir, it might be a week or two before you even realize what’s being cleared. Executive and BLU have properties that makes the changes much more noticeable. An emotional healing title like Elixir will take much more time to notice.


Yeah. I just got swept up in the hype lol
I ran Executive + ElixirU today. feeling pretty chill so far.


Oh yes, definitely and also Ultima takes some time to come ‘online’ fully, mostly I feel it’s peak after 3 hours or so, then it stays there for several more hours and then I come down.

I’m sure overtime my mind will need more loops as I become familiar with it’s scripting. It’s interesting for it to work this way.