My Experience with Primal Seduction, Primal Seduction Iron Throne, and Sex mastery X2


Post ur notes or share it in pm I have a gift for u


I can just post here, that way we can help each other. Here’s Some of my notes:

  • You are either getting: Silence, Shit Test, Platonic, Positive

    • Silence

      • respond with adding value
      • don’t ask for anything in return
      • respond by sending a “facebook post”
      • pinging value into the void
      • send something funny/updating/has relevance
      • don’t make plans
      • silence is the worst thing you can get (out of the 4)
      • wait 3-4 days before pinging value into the void
    • Shit test

      • just pass her shit test (nothing else)
      • don’t ask her questions
      • don’t try to make plans
      • don’t be emotionally reactive (if you do, you failed)
      • agree and exaggerate
      • treat it as if it were a complement (mis-interpret)
      • know that your good enough
      • don’t text her too much
      • make her want you
      • shit test are ultimately good (she wanted to make sure that you’re the cool guy you are)
    • Platonic

      • she likes you (assume that)
      • nudge the convo in the right direction
      • brief respond + fun, wit, flirting, break out of platonic zone
      • if convo is more negative: logical + banter
      • if convo is positive: logical + start making plans (aka Positive)
      • too much of platonic (asking questions/normal response) can loose emotional/sexual charge
    • Positive

      • qualifier
      • Start closing
      • make plans
      • vage suggestion
      • find out schedule
        ** if you basically have the date 90% scheduled, and she goes to silence, don’t start all over again. just send her: “…” or “…?”
      • don’t be to available or too unavailable
        • Good example: “yeah I could do tomorrow or thurs”
        • NOT “I can only do Wednesday at 7”
        • NOT “I’m free this whole week”
      • be playful, patient, flirtatious, persistent


More notes about texting:


  • if she texts you, she likes you. Assume that

  • get the girl to qualify herself

  • make the phone number make sense (give her a reason/excuse to give her number to you)

  • get her number in your phone (so she recognizes who you are when you text her later)

  • spend more time together and build comfort after you get her number as well

  • find out what her schedule is like (subtly find out when would be the best time to text/call her (this will help you make the date & text her later)

  • get a lot of girls to text. Don’t focus on one girl

  • don’t jump to the date to quickly. It should be gradual

  • have confidence but don’t get your ego overboard

  • assume that eventually you two will meet

  • when in doubt, don’t text to much.

  • if you are emotional, stressed, or re-reading the text: WAIT. Don’t send it. Hold off. wait to you are calm.

  • first texts (when first meeting) should be value offering

  • having a good in person interaction with her is key

  • stay 5 (or so,) minutes (if you can) after you get her number so you don’t seem like all you wanted was the phone number

  • when you get her number, make sure she knows that the exchange of phone number is for making future plans

  • personalized text are always better than generic

  • Make sure that you got your number in her phone as well (this is important).

  • How good was the interaction with her? if it was good, plans will be much easier. If it was bad, send something friendly, funny, add value to her life, etc (establishing a back and forth communication)

  • your goal is to NOT get her out on the date in one text.

-Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • would I send this text to a girl i’m already dating?

  • would I send this text to a friend with no sexual desire? (avoid over sexual text)

  • how much am I trying to do in this text? (don’t ask her too many questions (no multi threads!))

  • what is the worst thing you can receive? (Answer: Silence)

  • what lifestyle are you conveying to the girl? (She should want to be a part of it)

  1. Power And Tenderness (it’s a balance)

  2. You Cannot “Logic” Your Way Into Her Pants

  • girls are emotional beings, she has no choice if you make her feel a certain way
  1. Sexual Attraction Sequence* (I’ll post more on this later)
  • Fun (Tenderness)

  • Being A Challenge (Power)

  • Trust (Tenderness)

  • Desire (Power)

  1. Dos: And Don’ts:


  • Understand The Purpose Of Texting (to make a date)

  • Send The 1St Text Within 24 Hours Of Meeting Her

  • Do Use Callback Humor

  • Sign your first text (it was nice meeting you Jessica, ~Connor)

  • use emoticon (tenderness)

  • have a positive fun texting vibe

  • reward good behavior and punish bad behavior

  • keep your text short and to the point (unless using mini orgasm text)

  • use “we” whenever possible

  • use over the top descriptive words (More on this later)

  • end the conversation first


  • Ask Boring Questions

  • Try to impress her via text

  • use excessive caps

  • multi thread your text

  • text one women at a time

  • don’t text like a wimp (don’t put the pussy one the pedestal)


Reasons To Lengthen You Text:

  • Show that you’re interested in them

  • Come off as a more chatty, friendly person

  • Communicate the emotional response that their previous text made on you

  • Come off high-energy

  • Come off uninhibited

Reasons To Shorten Your Text

  • Come off less needy and desperate

  • Come off cool and collected

  • Imply that you’re busy

  • Come off emotionally un-reactive to their previous text

  • Signal that they need to put more effort into the courtship

  • Signal that you’re not impressed with them

For each option (1)-(3), we can divide the emotional value by the size and get the average value per word of your text. We call that your value velocity.

  1. low-value / short = medium value velocity

  2. high-value / long = medium value velocity

3.* high-value / short = high value velocity

*You should strive to always have high value velocity in your texts.

Making It Sound More Interesting:

  • replace words with more fancy/descriptive words (Use “Crafted By The Hand of Zeus” instead of “It Was Great”. Use “Cinematic Adventure” instead of “Movie” etc…

3 main purposes of texting (things that you want to change their mind about):

When trying to change their mind about one or more of these things, do it subtly. use implications, be genuine/ don’t try to manipulate. demonstrate the Attractive Characteristics list [more on that later]


You’re not their type. They don’t like your gender. They don’t like your race. They don’t like your body. They don’t like your smile. They don’t like your style. They don’t like your smell. They don’t like your voice. They don’t like how you carry yourself. They don’t like your personality. You’re too mean, or too nice. Too shallow, or too deep. Too dumb, or too smart. Too serious, or too funny. Too insecure, or too cocky.


They don’t feel safe around you. They don’t know you well. They don’t feel like they can trust you. They think you two aren’t compatible. You don’t seem to care to get to know them. You don’t seem to like them. You don’t seem to care about their needs. You don’t seem like you’re ready for commitment.


Their parents won’t let them see you. Their religion forbids them from associating with you. They’ve taken a vow of celibacy. They’re leaving the country soon. There’s not enough privacy. They don’t know where and when to meet you. They don’t know what to wear. They don’t have a convenient method of transportation. They’re too busy.

Other notes:

  • Make her feel something

  • If your laughing when you send the text, it’s usually a good thing

  • Always be closing

  • Don’t waiting too long to invite her out and set up the date, but don’t do it in the first message either. Only start making plans when you are at Positive (see the 4 types of texting)

  • Respond randomly

  • Qualify her (Ask her questions to see if she meets your standards)

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Gg dude that’s awesome


Alright, So Thinking back to how I got my girlfriends, I’m starting to re-think what I did. I thought I was pretty successful bec she told me she loves me within the first week of seeing her. I bought this book A LONG time ago and It had a list of “Attractive Characteristics”. What I’m about to give you is basically the master list. Its best to memorize this. Every time you interact with her, subtly demonstrate these qualities (D.O.V. (demonostraight of value).


As for me, I move out of the house in 5 days so I’m currently reading a lot of Tom Anderson’s “Sex decoded and explain” [while listening to the masked PS & SM and playing my ultrasonic playlist at night. lmk if you want it and I’ll post the playlist]
I would highly recommend that book. It’s like $1 on the kindle Mac app.


Here’s the list of Attractive Characteristics:

  1. Be a leader
  2. Don’t let other people effect you
  3. Don’t give a shit
  4. Take care of yourself (go to the gym, get good clothes, haircut, etc)
  5. Know how to have fun
  6. Your culturally, Mentally and emotionally rich
  7. Intelligent and talented
  8. Your social
    a. Lots of friends
    b. Socially aware
    c. Friends are of very high value to you
    d. Know how to make friends easily
  9. Have specific goals and ambitions
    a. Know what you want and how to get it
    b. Share your goals with women (this is sexy)
  10. Other woman want you
    a. Carefully/subtly let her know that other women are interested
    i. But you don’t care about them
  11. You’re a bold protector of the ones you love
  12. You understand her on a level that no other guy can
  13. Humble
    a. Not arrogant
  14. You’re a lover for all the right reasons
    a. You don’t lover her for her body
    i. But for who she actually is
  15. Powerful, decisive and doesn’t take crap from others
    a. Call out someone if they’re doing it wrong
  16. You’re an optimist
  17. Comfortable to be around
    a. Not stressed out
  18. You’re honest
    a. Woman can read you better than you can
  19. You know how to communicate on an emotional level
  20. You’re a man and you’re strong, but you have a sensitive side. Occasionally show venerability



Since you’ve liked Sex Decoded and Explained, and want a book on those characteristics that explains things well from another angle, Christopher Canwell’s Atmic Attraction is fantastic.


Which book is this


Easy to read


Personal Update: I had this crazy dream last night where I was having sex with this girl and I was very dominant. She was really liking it.


I’m talking about the book that gives u the attractive man checklist that u mentioned before this book that u didn’t name, unless it is the same book that u were referring to


Gotcha. The book with the attractive characteristics was called “The Ex Factor Guide”

here’s a free pdf download:


There’s A LOT of information on
it’s a great resource


the link is not working, it says the file does not exist


You’re right. you can buy the book here
or google the book and you might find something.


Personal update:
just woke up, feeling kinda sh*ty and sad. I have a hunch that it’s the subliminals bringing up repressed emotions/feelings. Not to mention my dog died last week.
Also, interestingly I was the lease emotionally affected when my dog passed. I hope it’s healthy to feel this way. I mean I miss him and all, but I don’t feel the need to cry. Is that healthy?

Side note: I have been drinking A TON of water ever since I started these subs.


Personal Update: I was just getting moved in to campus yesterday and there was this big art fair thing. I felt pretty comfortable in my own skin walking around to any table and starting a conversation. I met up with a few old friends and we had a nice talk. I was thinking of going up and talking (or giving complements) to 10 cute girls I saw (just to get more comfortable) but that never happened. I just was focusing on having a good time.