My Experience with Alchemist Explorer


I bought AE a while ago. I started on stage 1 and every month I went up a stage. I’m now on stage 4

I’ll update my experiences and talk about some past ones when i can


I’m very interest in hearing more about your experience with it.
I haven’t seen many Journals here on Alchemist.


Okay so a little about me, I had a kundalini awakening towards the end of highschool. I didn’t really know what it was even called until I stumbled upon it years later. ever since the awakening, i could astral project very easily (but I wouldn’t have the most vivid or positive experiences).
some on my experiences include: flying in space, to the moon, other dimensions (higher and low), a brief encounter with my higher self, astral spiders, wormholes, etheric implants and other weird stuff. I would be happy to share them with you (infact, that’s what my youtube channel “grasping infinity podcast” is mainly geared toward.
A few months ago I listen to the astral projection X subliminal once and i had one of the most easy ap i have ever had (but it wasn’t very pleasant)

i’m still learning how to control and understand traveling throughout the multiverse.

last night I listened to apX before i went to bed. side note: if i meditated before bed, i almost always have an ap. so meditating while listening to it will probably get something quick.


Here’s what happened last night:
the whole experience was quite short. I put my awareness on my heart chakra and my crown chakra (those are the ones i’ve had the best luck with). and I could feel like i was being shot straight up. the more i put my awareness on a given chakra, the more it became my “center of gravity”. I couldn’t see when i was being shot up, but when it stopped, I could see in my room. Except i was getting smaller. like in the ant man movie. since it was night, i couldn’t see much but there was this light on my bed. almost like a light object because i couldn’t see what was making the light, only that it was giving off light. then i started to get a little scared for some reason. maybe because it was night time and kinda gloomy looking. (when your in danger, you send a signal to your higher self and it snaps you back to your body to keep you safe). so that’s what it did and i woke up.


I’ll probably try today/tonight. My main goal is to travel to the “real time zone” which is this reality. you are basically a ghost. I just want to get some consistency with my projections (instead of randomly traveling to other dimensions. We’ll see


Update: I haven’t really intended to ap but i’ve had these very interesting dream/ap. this sounds kinda far off to say but think I’m put in a simulation while i’m in a low lucid ap (to keep me safe? (hopefully)). i’ve even had experiences of breaking out of a simulation/hypercube. I’m gonna try listening to DREAMS (buy sub club) which is supposed to bring up my lucidity. see what happens.
i think apX and dreams are a powerful combo.


Ok so two updates actually
last night i think i was in the real time zone. because it was very dark and gloomy (which is a characteristic if you ap at night in this dimension (the movie Dr. Strange got it pretty accurate)). I was moving over and body of water quickly. i felt something on my arm so that wasn’t pleasing. it was a pretty short experience.


just today i was listening to the apX sub and reading Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce ( ). i felt kinda sleepy so i took a short rest. I ended up astral projecting (not surprising) and i believe i was in my bathroom. The lucidity was a bit higher than before. i remember there was this small orb i was playing around with and could control with my mind. it was glowing gold about the size of a marble. ---- I then observed something interesting. when i move my hand up or down, i feel a sensation like its getting lighter or heavier (respectively). there are different sensation when i move my hand on a X axis or a Y axis (almost like vibrations/ feeling magnetic shifts). This could be useful info because one of my longterm goals to the learn how to move things with my mind.


Also i just remembered an experience i had when i was on stage 2 or 3 on alchemist. I felt this vibration in my pineal gland. i took this as an opportunity to mediation. I tried to get a text message form someone i haven’t heard from in a long time. I ended up getting a text message in like 5-10 minutes from some other girl (not the original person). So i guess you could call this an instant manifestation.


There are a lot of unknown things about the pineal gland i don’t know (except it can make you visualize better and raise your consciousness). But what else can i do now that my 3rd eye is wide awake? I think if i can consciously feel my pineal gland (and feel it vibrate) , I can DO more things.


Ok so a side note. I honestly haven’t had too much desire for this whole “ higher consciousness stuff” at the moment (like it’s not my MAIN focus right now). But today I was like f it I’ll meditate. Btw the headspace app is $10 for A YEAR if your a students (it’s a really good deal)


Anyways back to my meditation. It was a guided meditation, pretty basic, focusing on the breath and observing thoughts. I A+ it. And my dad was playing loud music in the background and I was able to get in that alpha brain wave state (great for visualization). After that I listened to DREAMS I saw some CRAZY THINGS like heavenly realms intricate structures and kingdoms. After DREAMS I was kinda sleepy so I went upstairs to take a short pre morning nap (set my alarm for 20 minutes) I ended up astral projecting and it looked like I was in this higher dimension. Like I was floating on clouds (some were white and then other times they would change to Violet purple (which is a high vibrational color if you didn’t know)). I felt something attached to both of my four arms, almost like it was keeping me hanging up in the air. I said a command to lower me…


Crazy stuff. Had to share


I was going to bed last night and I had a playlist to listen to DREAMS twice. I remember then the voice in the track ask “what is the goal of humanity?” I instantly hear a deep loud voice say “GOD”.

I heard this deep voice before. when i was laying in bed one night a few months ago, i heard it say “ALSHA”. I looked it up and it meant “gift of god”.


also I’m working on something that has the potential to “10x” your results
it should be done by the end of the week. stay tuned


I love this guy’s channel, especially the reaping and sowing videos and others like it


if you have a account, you’ve got to check out this episode:

The Emerald Tablets and Thoth’s Story

Flower of Life with Drunvalo Melchizedek[]=en&startAt=1


so i just had this weird thing happened to me. I was doing some work on my laptop on the floor and i had it loading something that took a while. So I leaned back and…
I felt my arms kinda float up as if there was gravity pulling up on them. and i couldn’t see it but i felt as if there were energy lines coming out of my finger tips (except for my ring fingers). Every time I took a breath in, it felt like my hands were being pulled out more (but it wasn’t painful). Then I looked up and saw 2 dot things on my ceiling. They reminded me of my experience with astral spiders (which was pretty scary). So I immediately woke myself up within seconds. This whole experience might of lasted 5-10 minutes.

check out my “astral spiders” video on my Grasping Infinity Podcast youtube channel if you want to hear that experience (I have the same logo for my username)


alright, so i’m gonna put astral projection x, alchemist stage 4, and remote viewing x to the test. A few months ago someone broke into my car and stole my longboard. its a rather expensive board (Apex 40 DC by original skateboards) and by sister painted it so its one of a kind. At first I was at peace with the whole incident, but now I want to try to manifest it back into my life.

I have no idea how this will turn out.

I’ll be listening to apX, rvX and alchemist stage 4 (alch stg 4) every night and partial during the day (and probably DREAMS and Beyond Limitless)


(I’ll be using this pic of my board to help me visualize)