My Evolving Q Subliminal Concept


I am interested in creating a general purpose sub that will serve to develop the mundane self in a well rounded manner.

I’d like to develop equanimity, steadfastness, flexibility and creativity, while healing from the wounds of the past and finding resiliency in the present. I’d also like to be as functionally fit as possible, get my eating better and heal some nagging physical injuries and ailments.

Toward those ends I have imagined building my Q sub around:

Stark - For alpha masculinity, mercurial genius, creativity and leadership.
Primal Seduction - For being relaxed, instinctual and comfortable in one’s skin. Also for the romantic, seduction and sexual support it contains.
Spartan - For mental toughness, physical healing, warrior spirit and functional fitness.

I am presently listening to Ascension, Primal Seduction and Spartan in non name embedded form, so I should be building upon a strong base.

All three of these are pretty dense subliminals so I figured I would only aim for the minimum # of modules and have a total of ten in this sub. The modules I will pick will focus upon healing, masculinity and shifting attitude.

These are the ones I am certain to place in:

I Am - This supposedly contains the breakdown element of Khan ST1.
Blue Skies - Not sure exactly what this is supposed to do but it has been hyped as a very beneficial sub. My assumption is attitude and healing.
Ares - This one to heal and support healthy masculinity.
New Beginnings - Starting afresh is my assumption. Another much hyped module.
Februus - A compelling looking healing module.

I am a little less sure about the other modules, but the following are others I am currently considering. I need to do a deep dive into the Q store.

Godlike Masculinity

It might be nice to put something in to speed up or optimize the subliminals action. Thus far the following have caught my eye as possibilities.

Deus - Optimization, Enhancement.
Dominion - Taking responsibility.
Raikov - Modeling successful others
Submodel Alpha - Running possible scenarios.

These point to issues I would like to work on.

Berzerker - Fighting prowess
Iron Frame - Not being flustered by people opposing or fucking with you.
Productivity Unleashed - Title says it all.
Power Unleashed - Manifesting a powerful self in the world.
Rogue - Ease, lack of self consciousness, just being oneself
Serum X - Healing and recovering physically.


Where I stand now. I am going to give this some time to develop.

Primal Seduction

Blue Skies
New Beginnings
I Am
Submodel Alpha
Iron Frame
Power Unleashed
Serum X
Productivity Unleashed
Debt Annihilator

I have two slots if I want to push it to twenty modules.


Can anyone speak to the differences between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared. Why wouldn’t someone, not considering the extra cost, simply always pick the most advanced and likely strongest build strategy? If Saint and Fire have T-Squared as an option they must be pretty confident in it.


Because it really depends on each individual, there are too many parameters to take into account. For example Terminus² when not properly prepared for could possibly make you stonewall and not give results at all. On the other hand when you’ve had major exposure to your personal subliminal, let’s just say 6 months on end, including 2 months exposure on terminus, then I’m pretty positive terminus² can have even more effective results.

Much like taking Mushrooms, none ever takes the most potent when to begin with, overtime you’ll build up a tolerance. I believe gradually building up your exposure time to the same exact subliminal is the best approach.So starting with regular Q then moving onto Q Terminus & Q Terminus².


So if you are giving this advice, then I expect when you pick a custom you are choosing “Q”, right?

Personally, I don’t make authoritative sounding posts if I really don’t know what I’m talking about. It may make sense to start with Q and build up, but it may be completely unnecessary.

I couldn’t answer that question with any sort of certainty, and I, by asking the question I asked, am willing to admit that I do not know.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms are completely irrelevant to this question.

I go back to my original question about the differences between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared.

Probably only Saint or Fire can actually speak with any authority on this matter.


Are you insinuating I do not know what I’m talking about? With all due respect I help everyone out unconditionally with the best of my efforts.

I wouldn’t be answering my question if it wasn’t relevant, you are free to take or leave my insights but there’s no reason to attack me, just to make that clear. If I were you I would be a little bit more appreciative of the answers that you’re receiving.

Go ahead and waist your money on a 3 core module, 20 modules subliminal on Stark Terminus Squared. With much confidence I can tell you right here and now that you’ll stonewall. Either you dig yourself in a deep pit of reconciliation or get no results at all.

The mushroom example was perhaps a controversial metaphor, if didn’t resonate that’s alright, again no need to put it down.

Do you really think I would give you a misleading answer? Have a nice day.


From what I’ve read:

T and T squared have had mixed results

some people take to them and improve exponentially, others don’t see anything.

I’m going to go with Q initially and then upgrade but if you have/buy Mind’s Eye or StarkQ you could potentially test there Tsquared and T respectively. If you take well you’re initial purchase could be a terminus +.


Yes. I am bluntly stating it. I certainly could not make definitive statements on this topic and am willing to admit to it.

You are offering opinions. Thank you.

I am trying to gain useful information, not opinions. Probably Saint and Fire would be most capable of being factual on this topic, yet might feel that they do not know enough yet to speak definitively. I do not know.

I think people need to be more careful about what they post. You, obviously will, and can, do as you like.