My "Emperor Reborn" Stack


Hello, people!

I’m new with subliminals and, before I start, I’d like to hear some opinions of the more experienced users and to clarify some doubts.

01. The ultrasonic subliminal can be used with other audios or songs? I ask this because I have an audio with some nature and “meditation” sounds that I use to help me fall asleep. So, can I use both of them or I have to use only the ultrasonic subliminal?

02. What is exactly in the scripts? What I mean is: in every page there are the benefits that you will get from the subliminals, or the modules and submodules that are in the script, but there is no example of what is actually in it. I guess I would be less resistant if I knew what kind of affirmations(?) were in it. And I mean like just an example, like two or three of them.

03. I’ve chosen the Emperor as my main program, since it fits in all main areas I want to work on. But I have some emotional blockages that block me from growing sometimes and I want to get rid of them. So, I decided to make the following stack:

Rebirth (3x)
Limit Destroyer (3x)
Emperor (4x)

What do you think of it? Should I combine the three of them, or should I use only Rebirth or only Limit Destroyer with the Empreror?



Yeah, you can play music when you listen to ultrasonic subliminals (don’t stack multiple subliminals messages).

For the affirmations, I think they are kept secret…

I would suggest the stack like this:
Emperor 5x
Rebirth 2x
Limit destroyer 2x


You can listen to other audio like a song or meditation program no problem! The only thing you shouldn’t do is listen to it while listening to another audio that has hidden or embedded subliminals.

In the words of the founders, the scripts are a “trade secret” and they don’t publish anything about them publicly. That said, if you are still resistant after reading the countless positive experiences posted here on the forum then you are standing in your own way. If you are that skeptical, the only thing to do is test it yourself. At worst you will have spent a little bit of money and time bettering yourself with little results, at best you’ll change your life completely like so many others.

Your stack looks great! I hope you go through with it and keep us informed of how it goes :slight_smile:


If this is your first time using subliminals I would suggest going with ascension or AM and rebirth or limit destroyer. Emperor is a beast sub and it will take a lot to handle.


I have asked this in another thread. What do you mean by “a lot to handle”? Will it not work? Or will it manifest itself in a headache? Or what happens?


Emperor can be emotionally overwhelming for some people.


Plus it is also 5 scripts in 1 so its a lot to handle in general and will take awhile to grasp and manifest.


Thank you all for the replies. Helped me a lot!