My Emperor + Primal Journal


I have never written a journal but the need to track my daily progress to see where this journey takes me, I have decided to do this. The motivation behind stacking Emperor and Primal is:

My Goals In the next 3 months


  1. To become a more alpha male (more status) while winning at business and building my empire.
  2. To have more control over my life.
  3. I want to land a high paying job. And also make 3k usd per month from my side hustle. I am currently out of a job and my side hustle which is my main business now makes me $600 per month.
  4. To rent an apartment. I am currently living with a friend.

Primal: To feel more comfortable in my skin when expressing my sexuality. And also to get rid of social anxiety and limitations. To have more sex effortlessly feel free living the life I want. Social freedom. Social anxiety has a strong hold on my life and I want to break out of it once and for all.


Nice, I planned to run this stack too someday.
Good to have someone testing it in the meantime


I’ve been running Primal with Spartan for about three months. Added Power Can Corrupt a while back, too.


That is an awesome freaking avatar, @Lobo. Welcome.

May you attain and far surpass your goals.


Was going to say the same thing. I actually have this picture in my gallery.


Thanks @Malkuth and @Hermit


So I will be doing weekly updates since i think that changes can easily be seen when I journal weekly.

I have been running the subs for approx 14-16hours a day on average.

Emperor aprox. 10x
"Primal approx. 4x

Week 1
Emperor approx. 85hrs
Primal approx. 28hrs.

I have found that I have become more productive. This happened on about the 3rd day of using this stack. Previously when I wake up I will lie in bed for about 2 more hours “meditating” in bed to help keep me grounded for the day. But now I find my self not needing to that. I automatically find my self on the go. This past week has been the first time in a long time where I have been able to get so much done that I felt that I was ahead of myself by a day. Could this be placebo? Maybe but I like what is happening. I have also observed that I am easily angered and a little impatient with people. Maybe its placebo from what i have read about other peoples experiences. lol. but it feels good.

I see girls checking me out subtly. It’s still hard for me to believe because even when i wasn’t in very good clothes i have seen this happening maybe they were casually looking at me. I have also felt quite horny this.

I am thinking of adding daredevil to the stack to help with my social game and to rid social anxiety. Any thoughts on this?


If I am not mistaken Primal already deals with these kinds of anxiety?


I’m thinking Daredevil has to do with social dynamics for both men and women. If I am not mistaken.

I have also read else where that Daredevil tends to make listeners more vocal. what do you think @ExploringAstronaut?


Vocal in terms of eloquency?

Well for me it seemed like Primal’s job is to deal with your sexual identity and make comfortable living and projecting it. Which is basically the root of all your chakras (literally root) and should therefore help dissolve anxieties and fear, especially social fear.
Daredevil to me seems like some kind of booster for dull days or when you need an extra kick.
Just my estimation though.


I would not recommend adding Daredevil - it will be harder to reconcile with Emperor.
One wants you to make friends with everybody, and the other asks you to qualify everyone and eliminate timewasters.

If you just want to talk more & be chatty at certain times, use the True Social supercharger.

If you want to increase your social intelligence, upgrade the Primal to Primal Seduction.
PS will make you talk more if you’re an extrovert, OR if it is the right strategy for the conversation’s goal.
The salespage doesn’t say so, but it is not limited to getting women. One can use PS to connect better and “get what you want” with ALL people.

If after this you still want DD, you’re best to switch to Khan altogether.

PS: Reading your opening post, I’d recommend you use Ascended Mogul + Primal Seduction.
Emperor or Khan can work, but they are NOT ideally suited to your situation or goals.


What if you are an introvert?


Depends. Primal Seduction brings out your natural dating strengths/advantages.
I assume that all extroverts will talk and/or touch more, but I don’t know about introverts.

Here’s a little interaction of interest:

I talk more on PS too, but I also know when to shut up and have the silence work for me. :wink:

Either way, anyone can use True Social with no concerns of reconciliation.


I run daredevil with Ev4 and it makes me more social, calm and friendlier and less anxious. Ev4 and PS made me more dominant and silent type.
What i am trying to say is that Daredevil can work better. It did for me. I feel more like the person i want to be. :slightly_smiling_face:
But i guess its different for everyone that run these subs and PS may work for you. Good luck my friend.


@Simon is true social contained within PS or PS Iron Throne?


True social is not included


No. True Social was created as a supercharger alongside Daredevil.
Primal Seduction is a month or two older than DD.


Primal I believe already has Daredevil so there is little point in adding it to your stack.


No. No. Khan is the only other product that contains Daredevil.
These two were the last dating/sexual products released.

Primal is OLD, really old.
The origin of PrimalTech - before NewDawn, AlchemistTech, and QuantumTech.
I think among the current masked files, only S&S is older than Primal. :smile:

Sorry @Lobo for this history discussion on your journal thread. :frowning:


So. Does Daredevil contain True Social?