My Custom journal

Welcome to my custom journal. It’s a secret which modules. I placed an order and I think it will come today or tomorrow!

I’ll start writing a journal when I get customized. I’m planning to keep running the same custom and I think I can run it 4 or 5 times a week. Currently, I’m using brainwash to empty the products that I used to run.

I was satisfied with the previous customization, but Heartsong was a product that I’ve wanted for a long time, so I made a new custom!

My goal is to live happily with my woman and run the life and business I want! I will keep the module secret, but I roughly made up modules for that goal.

I’m also looking forward to the synergy effect of Heartsong, so I’m wondering when I’ll give it to her. I would appreciate it if anyone knows what kind of synergy there is.


Why are the modules a secret?


Maybe he was using WANTED before and is being mysterious as a result :joy::joy::joy:


Male enhancement ? Or similar ?
That would be my guess

Meanwhile the weirdo named ItsSymphonie is making a whole custom sub around his masculine sexual organ infront of everyone which is called Biggus Dickus :shushing_face: that guy has no shame

Anyway @akakakakwq have a great journey, may your secret custom bring you whatever you need for this aventure !


Well, I was going to customize a new heart song, but I’ll just do it previous custom because one of the previous custom looks the best. Today is day01. What do you all think about the approachability aura? When I use it, it’s nice to feel friendly to animals, children and adults, but it’s a little less dignified when you don’t.

The advantage is that children and animals are very friendly to me and easy to reach out to adults. The only downside of the custom I’m currently using is that I didn’t put this aura in, and I’m wondering if I’ll use it when a new custom comes.

Custom contains wanted, rm, stock, furious ascent, and glory Seeker. I’m looking forward to how this will turn out.

First of all, let’s listen to the fourth loop today. I haven’t listened to anything in a week, and I just started customizing after listening to Elixir for ten minutes.

Gorgeous Manifestor is also included, and this module has clear advantages and disadvantages. First of all, pretty women and handsome men overflow the streets. Of course, it may look like that because of the corona, but it’s definitely increased compared to when it’s not in use.

And among them, there are many women who want to be loved and cared for by me. In other words, all I have to do is approach. The disadvantage is that there are many cases where pretty and handsome women and men are gathered around and playing.

Dragon Tongue is also included, and I wonder if this module improves your sense of humor. First of all, when I use this module, I’m itching to talk.

The new customization includes Story Teller and Song of Joy, and I wonder if Dragontongue is enough. I think the new Custom will come tomorrow.

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I think it’s right to be mysterious because Wanted is included hahaha. It was often quite mysterious when using customization with WANTED and speaking or interacting with people.

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With me, WANTED makes me not wanna post as many updates :joy:


hahaha .I came across things about mysterious people recently, and it’s very similar to WANTED.


I’m so curious about the heartsong, so I’ll try it when the custom comes tomorrow.
You can think of it as heartsong/stark/rm++ multiple modules.

It’s in progress, and I’m researching data to create a homepage.

I wonder if the power of Stark will be enough to run the business.
Roughly, I’m planning and doing various things with Stark, and I’m making it through rm.

The heart song effect seems to be improving the relationship with the current lover.(10/10)

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im curios, why does people wanna be mystrious ?

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What else did you do to be mysterious? I think there were times when I said something funny and kept it a secret or I was a little quiet. Also, I didn’t sns to disappear, but it’s not clear if it was the effect of wanted.

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Day 14

I am quickly reducing bad behavior and continuing to work on self-improvement and business in my spare time.

These days, I’ve become impatient with the stupid behavior of family members and ordinary people.

Because of rm, I like that the desire to entertain and create various hobbies has become stronger.

Stark makes me collect and study what I’m trying to do at the highest level of expert.

I don’t know if it’s heartsong’s effect, but my lover, she’s doing great in her work.

Modules are made up of things about relationships, money, and love. I don’t know if my family has become more friendly these days. I don’t like it when family members just play and eat.

In the second week, I have a strong desire to transfer to another custom. This time, I’m determined to use the current custom for a very long time, maybe for the rest of my life, so I’ll hang in there.

It seems that a lot of brain fog disappeared after the second week. It is similar when using all products. And how to handle it better is becoming increasingly internalized.

As I write my diary now, I feel bigger, but I think I need to create something or write something to double my happiness. Depression grows on days when there’s nothing much to rest all day.

When using other products, you can refer to the log of people who have used it for a long time, but there are not many logs that have used only one custom for a long time, so I feel like a pioneer.

There are so many things I’m doing these days. I am working on a project to enjoy various hobbies and to do all aspects of coding, design, public relations, and copywriting alone. I want to achieve it successfully and buy many gifts and food for my lover. She has liked me for a very long time and really cares for and likes each other. The two connections(transecndental, soul) also played a part in improving the relationship.

I had a strong urge to speak when I used Dragon tongue, but when I replaced it with storyteller, I don’t think the desire to speak was too much. Instead, it seems to be a talking style. Dragon tongue seems to focus on speaking skills such as public speaking and discussion, and storyteller seems to focus on telling stories that people will like more.

I’m using “Jour di vivre,” which makes my whole life rich, passionate, and happy. I found out later, all I wanted was Carpe diem, but I think jour di vivre is fine.

Thanks to Song of Joy, I live a life full of humor. I want to improve gradually.

The longer I use custom, the more I feel my ability to double, the deeper or better quality of my thoughts, and the more value I am getting. It feels like the brain is compounded by 10-30 percent every day.

There were times when I watched YouTube mainly for self-improvement, but I don’t know if it has a big effect. I should improve myself by focusing on reading books and writing rather than YouTube.

Adding Lion iv was also a good choice. my status is improving.

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Less talking at times, not feeling the need to say stuff (like updating my journal), leaving without saying goodbye, talking in maybes and not giving out definitive answers, are just some of the things that have made me come off really mysterious to others.


Real fantastic results, @akakakakwq. Very inspiring.

You are right about being one of the very few ones sticking to your custom. Maybe the only one. Good going, bro :+1:

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day 17

These days, I’m getting closer to self-realization. Usually, emotions go up and down during a day of self-improvement or business-related work, but overall, they are very rich and happy.

A lot of brain fog disappears in the second week. Intelligence has become much smarter.

In the past, five years ago, I’ve been using other poor brain products(not sc) for nearly three years, so it’s pretty easy for me to continue one great SC custom product.

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Day 25

I think I will reduce the loop and continue to rest the next day after one loop a day.

The day of the three loop, the reconciliation was too severe. And I think I work better on my day off.

I listened to the loop so many times this week that I got mad at my family because I remembered bad memories of the past.

The reconciliation was severe, so I slept alone at home for a long time, and I think I was depressed in the short term.

So I’m going to learn a lesson, listen to only one loop each, and I listened to one loop today.

It’s the 25th day, and I’ve been thinking too strongly about switching to another custom, but I’m enduring it as the last resistance to reconciliation.

My girlfriend is very happy thanks to me, and her work efficiency has improved greatly. I’m also happy to see her happy.

I have a lot of hobbies these days. Yoga, dancing, fitness, painting, etc. I couldn’t do much this week, but I am planning to enjoy various hobbies and prepare for business from next week.

I’m under a lot of stress because of the business I’m currently planning. Planning, design, content composition, etc. are almost done, but the problem is that I have to code, but it’s a little difficult, so I get stressed when I study.

I think we’re going to launch the business, and we’re going to launch several of the following businesses. I’m really looking forward to these ideas because they only take care of one or two hours a week after launching.

I’ve had the urge to use BLU Ultima, but I’ll just keep one custom.

Stark’s planning skills are very genius, and I have the drive to improve my skills in the field I want to do best.

Thanks to you, should I come here while preparing for the business and do this high quality? That’s what I thought.

The quality of the products in my country is much lower than that of the United States or other advanced countries, so the quality of the products in Stark Q will sell like hot cakes.

I can do many hobbies well because of RM, and I am trying to learn many languages from many countries recently.

Last year, I had a lot of self-improvement and hobbies that I planned, and I’m glad I was able to do them right. It was RM’s launch that I started using SC products in earnest and it was a huge luck in my life!

Honestly, if it’s customized, I think most of the products will be the best in society if they are used for a long period of more than 6 months to 1 year.

All I have to do is avoid sparkling syndrome and focus on what I have to do!

I rarely exchange except for family members or lovers these days. The biggest reason is that it might interfere with my business.

That’s why I’m a little lonely, but I’ll interact with good people again after I start my business, so I think I just need to hang in there a little bit.

It’s been 30 days since I used it, and I think it would be good to launch it on that day.

As I say a few times, the level of people where I live is lower than that of developed countries, so the products of SC and my efforts will make me a millionaire very easily. Hahaha (the level is extremely low, or all alpha mails are socially low, so if you use just one emperor or khan of sc, you’ll be the best man, and you’ll have more than 100 women with similar scores.)

While preparing for business these days, I am very surprised to see the quality of American products. I think I will try to make good products and provide value after that.

Soul connection : Perhaps thanks to this module, I was able to talk to my girlfriend more deeply.

Transcendental connection: Whether you’re new to this module or someone you’ve known, you seem to have a very deep relationship with me.

LION IV : My status is more strong !!

I don’t think there are many custom reviews that I’ve used for a long time, but I’ll leave reviews whenever I can! I wish everyone a successful, rich, and happy life using the product they got from SC, and I’m always grateful to SC!! If I become a millionaire, I will donate 10% to this club.


I have many dreams these days. I dream of war and write a diary with various dreams.

Even if I have a hard time in my dream, I can see a big improvement in reality, so I am dreaming well with a grateful heart.


Loop Change

Custom 1 x1

Ultima Custom 1 x 1

Custom 2 x 1

one day on one day off

two custom is my favorite custom. each loop now played x 50

ultima is blu. i need motivation.

Very inspiring results, @akakakakwq!!!

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