Music addiction

Is there a subliminal that can help with music addiction? It’s like once i start listening i can’t stop.

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that’d be more of a general addiction.

anyways, it’s one thing to work on an “addiction” but it’s another thing to find something to replace the addiction.

what’s the overall goal in your life? what’s your overall goal on a day to day basis?

you can work on the “addiction” but what about the fact that you have so much spare time in your day that you can “listen forever”

there’s no “music addiction” sub but there are subs for increasing general willpower… it’s kind of the same answers that you got on your no-fap thread, except, KB is specific for sexual energy. GLM or Spartan or Ascension would probably be the best for discipline and willpower.


To be honest right now i am just a 19 year old neet unsure of life or what my goals are, i just wanna make alot of money and have my own nice apartment.

I am muslim so my next goal trying to become a better Muslim wich would include:
Memorizing the quran
Learning arabic

I don’t have a job but I’m trying to aquire one and might be close to getting one


There are a couple of muslim users here that come to mind… @mecharc @alphamale

@Invictus was just in school with no job when he first started subs, and he’s muslim, but he’s very haram, and as the iraqi side of my family would say, “klowchi” aka a trouble maker :wink: (i’m half iraqi but very whitewashed lol)

As I said before, the best subliminal for you will be Genesis, Ascension, or both together in a stack. It will give you a bit of everything, and will give you the confidence to push ahead and give you the personal power to accomplish everything you want to accomplish in life.

There might be a sub that’s better for one thing or another but the most important thing is you having the internal power to take action on those subs. Without that, none of those subs matter.

Why run KB for no-fap, that’s a MASSIVE journey that does SO MUCH MORE than just no fap… when in reality you’re just “fapping” because you have way too much time on your hands and no purpose.

Same as music addiction.

Even learning the Quran and Arabic, both amazing, noble tasks, will come from you having the personal power to set aside massive chunks of time to do so. A subliminal won’t help you learn those things (although you could look at the Limitless or Limitless Executive subliminals for actual learning help)… but what a subliminal will do is help you get increased discipline and willpower and connection to your goals… it’ll be easy to accomplish a goal if you want it with every fiber of your being.


Don’t just memorize it

Read it, understand it, and dive deeper into the meaning of everything written.

Use either RoM or RoS while doing that, it will give you a better understanding of everything written and their deeper messages.


First of all, congrats on taking your personal development seriously at 19. It’s perfectly normal to be unsure of your goals at 19.

Run EOG for the next couple of years to get those wealth principles ingrained in you. If you manage to do that, your future self would be grateful to you for the rest of your life because you would have completely altered the direction of your life.

Other than that, I agree with @Invictus. If I was 19, I would run RoM and RoS. In addiction to helping with understanding religion at a deep level, this two subs will also stop you from wasting years of your life chasing goals that are not meant for you.


I think i will still run KB since its the subliminal saint told me to use when i asked the question in a support ticket.

Paragon [Health]
Khan Black [Semen Retention,Sexual Thoughts,Wet Dreams]

And then a wealth related subliminal

I will play these 3 indefinitely.

Just waiting for the new wealth experience subliminal and seeing what it is then choose one

Your high on life’s finest offerings

Enjoy it completely

Why don’t you go for a career in music then? Or in something related to music. You might as well get paid for listen to music.

I would 100% recommend you make this ascended mogul or genesis (you could either go AM right away,or start with Genesis for 2 cycles then switch to AM)

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Don’t get me wrong this’ll be an amazing stack :slight_smile:

stick with it for a while to really see results :slight_smile:

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Bro, you don’t need a sub for this.

If you are “addicted” to music, you’re probably using music as escapism from the real world (getting lost in emotions), or you love music so much that you need to create it. Either way, channel that desire. When you listen to music, make sure you’re channeling that emotional energy into something – exercise, being an entrepreneur, etc.


Hence why I mentioned Ascension/Genesis

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Yeah, but I’m starting to see posts such as, “I feel like I’m constantly dehydrated, what sub helps for this?” And we’re like, drink water. Now, it’s “I can’t stop listening to music.” Turn off Spotify?

Some things, you don’t need a subliminal for. In “real life,” I can curse like a sailor. I decided to stop and clean up my language. I didn’t write a subliminal for it, even though I could’ve easily done so. Why? Because sometimes, developing willpower is more important than having that shortcut.

Subliminals aren’t meant to be used to bypass the hard work. It’s meant to take the hard work you put in to the maximum level.


@Lavalake : If that is the case, then look into something called maladaptive daydreaming.


You probably need to say this way louder for the people in the back!!!


Yes i have searched that up before and i do feel like i have it slightly especially after locdown and especially with all this free time to do nothing it gets like that.

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The lockdowns messed up a lot of us to different degrees. With the media going crazy, the fear, the excessive free time doing nothing, people came out of the pandemic with different mental health situations. Thank God for Sub Club and other personal development tools that exist.

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At it’s core it is just a compliment to you guys from a user to think at every upcoming problem:

“Is there a sub for that?”

Same goes for the degree of identification and building of Team Sex and Team Money (Team Spirituality’s still meditating) cheering, hoping, begging before every sub drop for a new team sub even though you still just have 3 slots in your stack.

New sex (or money) subs sometimes feel like a baroque art experience, as the structure stays the same, the main theme stays the same and the artist has to find a maximum of new artful variation on the very constricted canvass.

Didnt know homie was half iraki xD. I am Iraki too, definitly klowchi tho

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