Multi-Tasking Options for Subliminal Playback (on iOS)


This thread is intended to invite solutions, suggestions and tips for multi-tasking playback on subliminals.

To catch anyone up who didn’t see the previous thread:

So far, AudioShare is the only app I’ve found (for iOS devices) that allows independent background play and independent volume control on an iPhone. In other words, with AudioShare you can press play on your subliminal track and then go to use any other app or function on your smartphone (except for telephone calls) and your subliminal will continue to play. That means you can use YouTube, Audible, Podcasts, Music, or any other audio app, and the two audios will play simultaneously.

Unfortunately, AudioShare only allows you to select a single, individual track at a time. You can select ‘Repeat’, which is great if you’re only using one subliminal program. But if you’re using a custom playlist to play a stack of subliminals, it’s not very convenient. So far, I’ve been unable to find an app for iOS that allows background play of a customized playlist.

I’m specifically looking for solutions for iOS. There’s already a good solution for Android OS which has been offered by @SeekingTruths. (Early Quantum Limitless Thread). And desktop computers do not have this issue at all (they can simultaneously play many sound files). But for now, the iOS only seems to have the option of using AudioShare. (If anyone knows better, welcome to share.)


Thanks, Hannibal. I’m actually thinking of deleting this thread. I was thinking about it and I don’t see that many useful places it can go, and quite a few unuseful places.


Maybe you can leave this thread on for now. I guess the purpose of this is to get ideas on how to “multitask” on your phone while listening to your subs.
Although “playing around” with the subs via Audacity and other audio software is discouraged, I also see no other alternative to this. Which is why I suggest keep this on for now. Who knows, we might get better solutions?


yep leave it on for now please. Playing options are always interesting and maybe a new solution for iOS comes into play.


Alright. Edited the original post, and feel more satisfied with it now. Thanks.


Just discovered, quite by accident, that with a couple of small tweaks (or settings, really), it is indeed possible to create a customized playlist in AudioShare. You can even preset the volume. Downside, depending on the configuration of your playlist, it can eat up more memory on your phone. But I’m still excited to have an option now.

I’ll put up more detailed instructions later, if no one else does so first. But the short version is very simple: ‘press play from the queue screen’.

That’s it.

But in order to create the order of tracks that you want, you need to rename them with a digit at the front. 01 in front of first track. 02 in front of second track. and so on. Audio Share will then order them ‘alphabetically’, and voila, your playlist is set. (I don’t yet see a way to repeat the entire playlist. But who knows.)


This might save your troubles


Tried it. There seems to be no independent background play.

If you play a YouTube video or an audible book the app will simply turn off.

Am I missing something?


Possibly not. My brother and I use this with pre downloaded subliminal’s & brainwave entrainment programs or music.