Mughal Empire Returns


Yo. As a fan of Ascended Mogul, I figured I should start up a journal to help the creators in their research and development. My small contribution in exchange for the short term discount they offered to new users in the beginning (don’t think it’s still going on, so I got lucky!)

Within a week of running Ascended Mogul, I noticed a few commissions roll in from articles and videos I made this time last year. It took me completely off guard because I was literally contemplating whether or not to discontinue paying for the server and domain since nothing was happening… And it coincided with running AM so there’s nothing I could attribute it to other than AM.

It’s also working on developing my character into a more stern and direct man. Whereas before, I have had a rather soft/diplomatic temperament, I find that now I’m able to be more assertive in work situations as well as with women.

At work, I went from supervising 3 people to 25 people in a matter of 2 months. Because we were well equipped to catch a wave of seasonal business that we would have otherwise not been able to catch had I not been developing myself mentally and in business. Because of that, we brought in over 400k in revenue in just under 2 months; bringing our yearly revenue to 1,000,000 at the end of May. I’m confident that had I not been hustling 13 hours a day, we would DEFINITELY not have been able to catch that wave. And I’m also confident that AM gave me the stamina to put in those crazy hours in the first place. I’m not the type to be able to work like that otherwise.

AM has been working on how my mind works as well. I’ve always had a mind for seeing possibilities… but now, I’m seeing more positive possibilities and have single handedly generated over 30 ideas in the last 2 months. Ideas that fall into the 80/20 category. 20% of change that produces 80% of the result. Where did all this come from? I didn’t pull it out of my ass, that’s for sure.

Thanks Ascended Mogul, and I’m looking forward to more.


I’ve been listening sporadically to AM. I typically get in about 26 hours of listening per week, not on a consistent basis; sometimes in the day time, sometimes at night. The reason I mention that is because I think it is worth noting.

Now to the good stuff. I received $17 in affiliate commissions today, which brings my total from $0 before AM to now around $80. Also, a friend of mine that I haven’t heard from in 4 years hit me out RANDOMLY today and texted me “Hey, do you want to make $100 tomorrow?”

I was like hell yeah I do. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take him up on it because of the scheduling. I asked him if he needed me to find someone for him to work but he said “nah I just needed you specifically” so there was something that I could do better than anyone, who he was willing to trust, lol. AM for the win.


Interestingly enough, the affiliate commissions just keep pouring in. I haven’t done any work on it in a while. I’m at about $140 in commissions since April. Dope!


AM has me sincerely wanting to improve my body

not at a superficial level but at my core. my mindset has shifted from

“oh i’ll work out one day, and be swole. That will be awesome!”


“Everything worth having takes work and consistency. Every day I do not work towards the goal is a missed day I will never get back”


The manifestation sequences in AM are the real deal. I’m being sought after by the brother of a multi millionaire to work at a new start up venture doing asset management. He asked me if i’m happy at my job, I said yes and that I’m working on proposing a partnership deal with my employer. He wished me well on that venture, and if it for any reason does not go through, I have a space reserved at this company under the multi millionaire’s wings.

So right now, I’m being sought after by this multi millionaire, as well as pushed by my boss to draft up a proposal to lock in my partnership with him, and to top it all off, there’s a guy in the industry I’m in, who has been trying to scoop me in on his side on the sly, to come work for him. It’s really nice to be sought after like this. Definitely gives me a boost to my confidence.


Really glad to see the program working so well for you. Any suggestions on how we can improve it in v2?