Muay Thai Upgrade



I know it’s not the most popular sub but will the Muay Thai one be having an upgrade eventually? I listen to 1-2 loops before training and notice the differences in my technique and in sparring.

Thank you


Yes — it will be upgraded when we finish the new version of Weapon X. This was one of my favorite subliminals. I ran it myself for the two years I did Thai. Will also release BJJ Mastery X and Boxing Mastery X.


Boxing Mastery X

brb informing Anthony Joshua right now :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Awesome news! Thank you @SaintSovereign. It really does work, and if it becomes even stronger…watch out to my gym :slight_smile:


ROFLMAO. Legit cracked up at this.


What will be the difference between Weapon X and Muay Thai X? I am thinking to buy muay thai and i am interested whether i should wait the weapon x or muay thai upgrade? Any plans when you are thinking it will be released? @SaintSovereign


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but…

Weapon X is the name of the technology that is used in the product. The products using it have an X at the end.

So Weapon X is IN Muay Thai Mastery X. Weapon X is not a product. And when the new version of Weapon X is ready, Muay Thai Mastery X will get an upgrade.

From what I have seen, it is also SubClub’s policy to provide the upgrade for free to existing owners as long as the amount of stages remains the same. Which would mean that if you buy Muay Thai Mastery X now, you will get a free upgrade when Weapon X v2 is ready.

You could wait for Saint’s response all the same.

I’m sorry I can make this any easier to understand. I’m frowning as I read it myself.


Can someone confirm that the file is 144mb and 1 hour 2 min long? I got redirected to a new page in order to download. Also can we get a masked version?


Bump for Muay Thai masked version.