Motivation - Get it DONE!


Let me say first that I would really like to get your inputs to try to figure this out.

  1. Motivation and focus on studying to take my career to next level. I need to end this procrastination right now and get motivated and focus.
  2. Getting start with my side biz.
  3. Charisma, magnetism, women, sex, selling myself and sales in general are all good but really not necessary a this very point in time.
    I’m already there in some shape and form, some aspects pretty good some “no complains”.obviously much more is always useful. But again not to concerned about it.
    Being Alpha, not a concern. I’m very much like that and I keep myself on a leash.

Now here is the dilemma!

I’m running 2 to 3 loops a day of StarkQ since 2 weeks now. Had 2 days off and will have another 2 from tomorrow.
1 loop of Blu in the morning in the past few days. I did 2 day in a row, took a day off and another one.
I chose StarkQ because the Limitless module and stack Blu because as stated above my primary goal at the moment is studying and do great in a new training I’m in,
and also because I didn’t want to have the effect of Alpha from Emperor. (I was debating between Emperor and Stark). I’m seriously afraid to complicate things with my ex, and for my son’s sake I try to be nice and suck it up as much as I can.

Now the reality is that The first few days I was motivated and was feeling good, although still procrastinating on touching books, but since then I’m really stuck.
I’ve rejection towards picking up notes, books etc., and study. I can’t figure this out…
Also at the moment I’m still working from home, so not much interaction with co-worker except slack, go to meetings… wherever…

I’ve also quite few biz ideas that I want to start while working from home and save on commuting time and no much hanging around with friends. (Yes because of coven-19)
(I’ve owned quite few biz and few startups in the past).

The other qualities of StarQ, I guess can wait till I return back in the office settings, and be out there again…

What do you guys think?
Should I wait little longer on StarkQ and Blu?
Should I increase the number of loops?
Or change to Emperor?
Or Power Can Corrupt?
Or add Ascension to my current stack?
Or, any advise?

Sorry for the long post. I’m new to sub club and its subs.



By the way, my intention is to keep the number of subs at the minimum.
I understand the more you stack the less you get.
for sure I want to keep BLU…


The first few days you will go through what @Simon calls the movie trailer effect …you feel the sub working overdrive. Then things calm down alittle and thats when the deep work starts…you may feel its not working but it is working deeply.
From my experience you have to take a small step of action. Try taking yourself to the table to study open the book read a few lines…thats the action you have to take. Once you take that action you will notice the sub kicking in. Try not to keep changing stacks all the time…thats a comon form of reconcilliation.
Best of luck :+1:


Will do! thank you pacman!