Motivation: emperor or khan?


When I say motivation, I mean the kinda kick you get to go gymming from spartan. I know reaching that feet will be quite difficult as both Khan and emperor are much dense than spartan but since recently my procrastination has been really bad and I really want something which can help me become a tad bit more motivated.

I run limitless throughout the day and spartan and emperor at night. This has been my routine since 2 month or so.

Should I increase the number of loops of emperor or should I switch to Khan complete(my work Target is usually 14-15 hours so I guess I would be able to handle khancomplete)


I believe Khan Stage 3 has the kick you desire. That should not keep you from taking your time on stages 1 and 2 though.

Do consider if you want to change your playlist up so drastically. If you replace Emperor with Khan in your schedule, it may not work as rapidly in combination with Spartan and Limitless.

I myself am experiencing some Spartan-like effects from Khan, but that may not happen to everybody. It could be it’s happening to me because I believe every Khan should have the body of a Greek statue.


What if I run stages 1 and 2 (like 3-4 loops) at night for 20 days each and then switch to stage 3? Will that cause any problems? I can’t afford to waste any time and procrastinate at this point hencewhy I am trying to rush through the initial stages.


If you dont have time go for stage 3 see what happens, maybe you get super motivated :smile:


The problem is, that’s not really how it works. Your subconscious will take however long it needs, it doesn’t care about what schedule you set. It might work the way you want, or you might just end up with mediocre results. It’s your choice of course, I’m just saying that sometimes these things just need time.


What he said. :slight_smile:

I can not in good conscience recommend what you propose. You would still be skimming through the first two stages. If your mind is not ready, it could even have the opposite effect and stop your progress altogether.

Emperor contains anti-procrastination scripting. But it won’t light a fire under you like Khan can do. You need to take the first step. And if you pile Spartan and Limitless on top of it, and run it only an average of 4 hours a day (considering 8 hours of sleeptime exposure to Emperor + Spartan), you can’t expect it to work fast. Plus, you’re running Limitless during a time when your mind is constantly distracted and the other two while you’re unable to perform any action to support them.

If you want rapid results, limit yourself to a single subliminal that is as targeted as possible. To do that, figure out what your primary goal is. Why can’t you afford to lose time? What is so urgent? Based on that, determine the smallest possible subliminal stack. Add in more once you have more time. That’s exactly why all the older programs are still valid in the Age of Khan, they do more targeted work.

Harsh, I know. Make of it what you want. In the end, nobody knows you as well as you do.