Most effective Supercharger-Public Speaking?


Is it a commander?
Is it true social?
Or a libertine?

Or just masturbate without climax as @DarkPhilosopher suggests?


True Social Ultima or Commander Ultima (not sure if this one will get updated) is likely what you want.


@SubliminalUser- Don’t the superchargers work better than these unreleased ultimas in providing the desired altered state for a breif amount of time?


Go with True Social
(depending on context Commander, or even Libertine/Legacy may be useful, but TS is the main thing)


True Social for connecting with the audience and speaking you truth from heart. While I would advise Beyond Limitless for Intelligence related topics and explaining relatively difficult concepts in an understandable manner.


Until the Ultimate Speaker module comes out, I’d say it depends on the needs/limits of the person.

My immediate response was BLU as that’s the only one which mentions such a benefit…

Yet, depending on your needs, I can see how Libertine can be used by a speaker looking to benefit from the charged up Aura (and how people fall in love with your Voice). :wink:

True Social is good for highly interactive sessions. Not so much for presentation delivery.

Commander would be more useful for a board meeting, not a “public” speech. It’s for Commands (Ordering), not Teaching or Entertainment. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is an “Ultimate Speaker” module actually in the works? That would be useful.



I like your suggestions. Only thing I’d add is True Social helps massively with presentation too because you feel what you have to offer is always worth the listen, etc. Totally agree on your opinion about Commander lol well put


Is an “Ultimate Speaker” module actually in the works? That would be useful.

Would also love to know this. Currently holding off on creating my first custom for a module like this.