Most effective journaling method


I admit I’ve always hated journaling: writing, typing, gratitude. I haven’t been able to stick with it in the past and didn’t see the need for years.

Since it’s said that journaling is essential for getting the most out of subs what is the preferred method beyond actually writing in a notebook? Is there a framework? (Like write daily/x-ly goals, gratitude, dreams)

What have you found works best for you?

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Any type of journaling is better than none

Especially, as with Q subs, you transition to this new you so smoothly that you “forget” the past. I journal here on the forum but for my private thoughts, I do something differently. I record myself talking about my day, my problems, my feelings. It might be even more effective as writing as you just talk without filter (when you write one always often tries to make it sound cool). It only takes 3-10 minutes. Also, it is pretty cool when you later rewatch these videos as you can determine your “vibe”, something you will never be able to do with writing. AND as an extra bonus, what I am now doing is to talk in the language I want to learn so I can practice talking.

After recording, I might summarize my breakthroughs and things to do better as an extra nice bonus. All of this will take max. 15 mins instead of writing for hours on end.


Recording yourself is definitely great if you have the equipment handy. I considered having an audio recorder at hand next to my bed for dream recording. I love Friday’s way of doing it. With video you can see and hear yourself change.

That said…

At very least you should keep a written journal of some kind, even if you’re not the type. Many people agree there’s a certain “magic” that happens when you make the effort to write things down by hand. Almost like the wall between your conscious and subconscious is thinner and it’s easier to get messages across in both directions.

A second thing is to make the journal “special” to you. Don’t just get a simple writing block. Find something that speaks to you. Maybe it’s a leather-bound thing, maybe it’s special paper. Small, large. Whatever speaks to you. This is your journal. I have an affordable fake-leather journal with an ergonomic roller-pen. At one time I actually still used a fountain pen.

Saint has a whole bookcase filled with old journals I believe. Like a movie. Long after he’s gone, some archeologist or treasure hunter will find his journals to finally discover the source-code for Q. :slight_smile:

My personal method is this:

I start every day with an affirmation and end every day with one.

In the morning, I write down things like:
How do I feel? Tired, energized, confident, alert? Ready to face the day?
Did I get up on time (always a big one for me)?
What do I really want to do/accomplish today (be realistic)?

Then at night:
How do I feel now?
How do I feel about how the day went?
Did anything out of the ordinary or unexpected happen?
Is there anything about today I am proud of or feel good about?
Is there anything I feel I should do better next time?
How would I rate today? Was it a good day? A not-so-good day?

And I end it with an affirmation before putting the journal away and going to bed.

Sometimes I have very little to say and stick to a few lines, sometimes I have more to share and have a few paragraphs. Usually I’m done in 10 minutes in the morning and the same at night.

One very important thing is that when there’s something you don’t like, you have to accept it and let it go. Did you handle something badly or did you have a bad day? Just write down something like: “It is what it is, do better tomorrow/next time” or “So be it” or “This too shall pass”
You get the idea. It’s like that serenity prayer that addiction support groups use: accept the things you can not change (yesterday), change the things you can (tomorrow).

Take what you need to learn from the day and then let it go. One of the bits of “magic” about writing things down is that if you are consistent, your subconscious stops bringing it up when it serves no purpose. You sleep and focus a lot better that way.

As for the journal on this forum, it is usually a compilation of the more unexpected things that happened to me over a period of a few days.

Well, that’s enough from me. Good topic, I’m curious to see more responses here.


I read this yesterday, and it has been on my mind. I’ve done this, I do it, but it made me think of exactly “why” I’m doing this when writing. It helped me challenge my deception to myself while running Stark and Regeneration. Thank you for those simple words.