Money/Wealth-related question


Hi, guys!

I’d like to have some attention of yours here to help me understand something.

So, reading the eBook, at the “recommended for beginners chapter”, there’s the following:

Entrepreneurship and Wealth:
● Beginner Playlist for Entrepreneurship and Wealth:
o Major Program: Emperor.
o Major Program: Limitless.
o Stacking Module: Rebirth.
o Stacking Module: Limit Destroyer.
o Supercharger: Beyond Limitless.
● Advanced Playlist for Entrepreneurship and Wealth:
o Major Program: Ecstasy of Gold Multi-Stage.
o Supercharger: Beyond Limitless.

Mogul and AM aren’t included as recommendations. Emperor is the major program pointed for entrepreneurship and wealth.

So, I’d like to know some reasons why wouldn’t Mogul and AM recommended for this matter, as it seems to me that these programs, along with EoG, are the ones most directed.


Well, Emperor already has the entire scripting of AM, Sex Mastery, and Limitless in the program. So, you wouldn’t need to run those programs separately as they become redundant to do so. All you would need to do is pretty much run Emperor and maybe EoG, if you can handle it.


First, its because Emperor & Gold contain a lot more “Entrepreneurship” scripting, while Mogul is mostly open-ended in terms of HOW you make your “Wealth”.
As you also must have read a couple pages before, AM is the best product to get a better job, while Mogul is a great foundation for an Investor/Trader.

Second, it’s just a sample playlist. As it says on the page “we encourage you to experiment”.


Sort of building on what the others have said:

  • Mogul is focused purely on wealth generation. This could be either at work or on your own, in a variety of ways.
  • AM is both status and wealth building but doesn’t focus specifically on building a business as much (though you could use it for that)
  • Emperor is made for the specific purpose of building an empire, both socially and in an entrepreneurial fashion.


@Abu_Nasir Thanks for asking this question!


I understand what you guys are saying. But, as I read many topics on the forum, the founders have said, many times, that one should run AM before run Emperor, because Emperor’s scripting could be too much at first.

And regarding experimenting before, we must have in mind that this experiment have costs.

I can be deadly wrong, but it seems that Mogul and AM became obsolete since Emperor and EoG. Actually, these programs aren’t in the roadmap for 2020, meaning no update ahead short term.


It really depends on what your goals and restraints (i.e. financial limits) are. While it’s true that AM and Mogul are not updated to the current “tech” of the latest programs, they are still perfectly effective tools. If your goal is to build wealth and that’s all, go for Mogul. If you’re also looking to get more social respect and become an alpha while you increase your net worth, get AM. If you want to become a social and money making power house right out off the gate then get Emperor. A lot of the forum posts about Emperor needing a good foundation are from earlier versions. Many people have reported pretty quick results using version 3. But even if you don’t get super immediate results, if you run Emperor for a month or two while taking daily action, you will start to notice changes. If you’re on a shorter time constraint for whatever reason then get Mogul or AM based on the criteria I presented above.


This clarified a lot for me. Thank you!

What do you think about running Emperor and EoG ST1 for a begginer? I’d like to have something that I could run at night, so that my girl could also benefit from regarding money.


If you want to run EoG so that both you and your girl can run it together then I’d suggest something less dense to run alongside it. With that in mind I would suggest either Limitless or Mogul


Alright. Thanks again!


Happy to help :slight_smile: Best of wishes on your change journey!