Money Custom Journal


So I decided to go for it and have it built. Waiting for it to arrive in a couple of days and going Terminus Square strength with it.


Care to elaborate on what modules you chose for your custom?


with Terminus Squared Strength


Stark and Emperor together please let me know how that goes lol


Yup, very curious to hear about this one, best to you @Pwnie21
Keep us updated.


Pretty heavy stack. And in T2 too. I’d really like to hear how it goes for you.


Well I saw all the posts about customs, but people are stacking custom on custom so it’s like well damn. And I finally had the money and nothing to lose. Figured wealth oriented for a beginner that happens to be focused on laser precision amplification. And the fact mosiac allows me to enhance and stack other subs make it very worth while. And terminus square well I got this.


Good luck! And please let us know how it goes.


Alrighty just started playing my custom. Will post after today.


Yeah, keep us updated. Your stack seems pretty heavy!


How did your first day and sencond day go for listening? Are you still alive or is the reconciliation driving you nuts?


Been busy. Anywho Day 1 and 2: listened 4 times each day spaced through out the day. Honestly have just been calm, getting a bit more work hours, higher plasma donation bonuses, discounts off copywriting materials and meditating a lot more. So I’d say it’s going good so far. In addition it’s reinforced my abundance mindset and being more caring about time instead of penny pinching. In addition; I don’t make regretful purchases; I evaluate every investment in myself with zero regret. Course I’ve done other stuff before this, but the sub has worked fast to help.


Ya know just gonna do this weekly; lazy asf honestly. So the whole week has been Rather good. Been guide on what to focus on specifically, invest in myself and honestly just been eating healthier and smarter. Fasting has been easier for me even without coffee, but I still love it. Been working better hours, guided onto what will help me material wise through metaphysics and just being guided to mentors. In addition making money through donating plasma and even found a group that posts coupons that grant bonuses. Also everything has just been calmer and I don’t worry or stress about money. Oh and I’ve been listening like 4 times a day. Tried listening to it all night but wasn’t that bad to me.


So the past week has been refocusing on what is most efficent. I’ve been led to focus on two books about copywriting and honestly been very productive. Money flow has been consistent and no issues there. Also it’s been nice to spend money guilt free and always have some on me. Also been on a big material arts and fitness kick as well. Also been hyper focused on my meditation and Neville lessons as well. Basically work on foundations mainly.



How is your journey with these 2 giants going?


Okay so the month has been alright money wise. Just no struggle been enjoying life and just honestly coming to terms with things. Although last week and this week has had some reconciliation but hey I’m going. Now I saw the release of that Dragon 4 stage Sub and will more than likely start that when I get the chance. As for listening 4 times a day; 2-3 days off.


What changes in life have you noticed since starting your emp/stark journey?

So i guess Emperor and Stark can mesh pretty well and balance each other out