Mogul v2 fade out request for masked version


@Fire and @SaintSovereign

I have bought Spartan and Mogul v2. I am playing both repeatedly in a speaker.

Spartan masked version is starting with fade in and completing with fade out which is great.

However for Mogul v2 masked version starting with fade in but not completing with fade out. This is kind of distracting.

Can you update the Mogul v2 masked version with fade out please?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for letting us know. Though we try to make sure we catch these things, it’s inevitable that that we’ll miss a few things.


@SaintSovereign Thanks for looking into it. Let me know once you have updated so that I can download it.


If it’s updated, I hope Mogul gets updated to the latest New Dawn. Mogul is one of the most important subs from SC, IMO, and so it deserves a lot of care and prioritization.