Mogul/True Sell custom

So I have a new job as a sales agent, first time ever. I also have business that I have yet to get off the ground. one is a taxi business and the other is Property management of Apartments. I have a lot of debt to clear. So the Job will help. I’m building a custom that i feel will best fit my needs, I just want to know if it sufficient or do I Need to add or take away anything

True Sell core
Mogul Core
energetic development
Carpe Diem Ascend
Gratitude Embodiement
Productivity Unleashed
Cashflow catalyst
Subconscious Flow
Free Pass
Khronos Key
Plateau Transcedant
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Debt Annihilator
Financial Success Reality Shifter

Modules i’m looking to add/switch (MAYBE) into it: Natural Winner, Wealth limit destroyer, Joie De vivre, R.I.C.H. Core, Dominion, Sultan, Iron Frame, Fortunes Favorite, Tyrant, Cosmic Wealth, Positive Being Attractor, Secret Source.

Thank you for the help

Also My cuurent Stack is True Sell/Mogul Running RoS every Friday, and AsChamber every Monday

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Personally, I would stack Mogul with a custom based on RICH, True Sell and some modules that facilitate wealth manifestation and improve the required skill set. Your custom contains a lot of modules that don’t add much value to it. Also, you run RoS and AsCh that are not relevant to your financial goals and may, actually, slow you down.

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Waves of Abundance

Custom oriented to building and manifesting wealth beased on sales skills, management skills and interpersonal skills. The custom improves those skills and builds a strong entrepreneurial core.

  1. True Sell
  2. R.I.C.H.
  3. Mastermind
  4. Atman
  5. Potentiator
  6. Natural Winner
  7. Iron Frame
  8. Lion IV
  9. Earthshaker: Authority
  10. Dragon Tongue
  11. Transcendental Connection
  12. Entranced
  13. Cashflow Catalyst
  14. Cosmic Navigator
  15. Instant Business Tactician
  16. Architect
  17. Deep Sleep
  18. Free Pass
  19. Debt Annihilator
  20. Yggdrasil

When it comes to productivity and motivation running Mogul stacked with this custom will do really nicely.


This looks amazing

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I would run this custom paired up with Mogul for a while (around 3 months) and then I would stack it with EoG (two cycles per stage, four cycles for stage 4), and only then I would go for more advanced modules like Achilles, Sultan, Cosmic Wealth, Plateau Transcedant, Subconscious Flow, Financial Success Reality Shifter or Wealth Limit Destroyer building my custom on Stark or HoM and Limitless cores.

Running AsCh once per week should be okay and may even improve your “wealth” results.

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Well I may discontinue my use of AsC because of what saint said about using it with RoS.

I’m going to start building this custom Tmm night.

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