Mogul and some other questions


Purchased Mogul it was between that (once it had been recommended to me) and Ascension for women chose Mogul. (Only funds for 1)

Didn’t think about these questions till after.
Tried to find answers to questions using search but only found a part answer to one couldn’t find a FAQ.

I have 2 cats and a large dog dog sleeps on my bedroom floor at night.
I want to play the Ultrasonic version overnight tonight but will it bother my dog we live in a 250sq ft home so it’s not like she can move far :wink:
I’m sure if it bothers my cats they’ll leave I’m fine with that they stay out a lot anyway as we’re in the countryside I don’t want to bother my dog though she’s getting on for 15 bless her.

I’ve downloaded the frequensee app what number should I be looking for on there volume wise it’ll be next to my bed on my table

Once started do you have to listen till it finishes or can I stop it and then restart later.
Occasionally have people pop in for a chat so I’m not sure whether I’d need to turn it off if it’s on Ultrasonic as they won’t hear it anyway.

I really hope this works for me



I’ve played subs around dogs (an older dog) with no reaction. I wouldn’t expect much trouble. This also may depend on your volume.

I normally keep mine between 60 and 50 db, as louder levels cause pain when doing repeated loops of a subliminal. Saint has said one can still process the input at 80db, but never play it at 20db. The lower numbers are louder.

And interrupted plays? I’d say keep playing it (looping it) and you’ll pick up the whole message eventually. I experience this at work playing it on my phone. Loud noises, conversations, phone calls, all of it breaks up, but I leave it on loop and I’ve not had concerns. I know other sub producers may say only x number of loops are advised, but at SC, those restrictions, so far, do not exist. Saint advises lowering loops for strong subs if needed (Emperor v.4, QL, etc), but those are only recent developments. No restrictions have been put in place here.


Any reason you don’t want to play the masked file on low volume? :man_shrugging:t3:


Thanks played at that volume last night didn’t bother the dog at all.
Didn’t loop it just played it the once to test it out.
Will try it looping it tonight.


No reason not to play the masked just used to sleeping in silence usually I’m asleep within 5 mins of closing my eyes so thought I’d test out the ultrasonic first.


In my experience dogs do get restless. But if yours doesn’t show any signs, I guess you’re fine.

I wouldn’t run it around other people. It’s impolite to do so without their knowledge, plus if they hang out long enough, who knows if the sub affects them.

You can, however walk away while playing. The scripts do repeat themselves within the track and your subconscious will either ignore the incomplete parts or fill in the blanks.


Thanks Cookie wasn’t she slept like a log woke just after me. I’m going to try the masked one tonight.