Modules Recategorized On Q Store

See title. Should be easier to navigate the store now.


Thank you. It does look better and easier to navigate.

Thanks! It makes it a lot clearer what subs fall into what category. In physical changes, for example, I now see some major subliminal cores listed.

Yeah I didn’t even notice that seductress and ultimate artist had wealth in too.

Would you consider adding a view all option so people can see all 150+ modules on the website in one long webpage? :smiley:

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Can’t, it’’d crash the page.


Is there a way to see the newly added items? I notice that if I use the Sort by Latest, it only sorts the page that you are on.

How about an export module list as csv option? I know it’s a bit over the top but some users (myself included) have liked going through all the modules and their descriptions and categories and thinking about each of them with regards to a custom they are designing. As an engineer I’m aware that’s a bit intense to create though, so no worries if that can’t be done :smiley:

They only added 2 new Cores no new modules yet so that may be why things aren’t changing.

@Fire Will there be new modules added in the next few weeks from Emperor House of Medici and modules from stark like the celebrity effect? Will there be any new creativity modules added in the next update? Is this update still coming in the next week or 2?

By end of this week, we will have approached the “2 weeks” estimate that Fire originally gave when asked about new module updates earlier. I can’t wait.

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