Module stacks and superchargers with Khan


Hi I just started out and got Khan with my first purchase.

I want to make sure I get off on the strongest foot possible. I was taking a look at some of the module stacks and superchargers and noticed ones like
godlike masculinity and rebirth etc.

But alot of that seems to be already described already in Khan, like increased masculinity etc.

So would adding them sort of increase the desired effects? Or allow them to manifest sooner?

Would love some mentoring on this.

The reasoning behind Khan for me was that it seemed to have a bit of everything so it was appealing for me as a first time buyer.

I’ll list some of the things im looking for
Wealth and prosperity
Positive mindset to money
Positive mindset to sex, women
Alpha male masculinity and dominance
More sex
Social confidence
Elimination of all limiting beliefs, past traumas
Emotional mental healing
No more self doubts , decisiveness

Looking forward to comments!


I think stacks arent used with Khan but i am not 100% sure. I think Khan covers everything you ask. Superchargers are changing the active state of the user. They are guided meditations. They have short term effect which might be long term if you use them for long time

Stacks are amplifying specific parts of the subliminal but i think Khan has newer technology and stacks arent working


Definitely start without a stack first. Experience how it feels, then if you feel other products may add something, add them one by one. Re-evaluate whenever you switch to a new Khan stage.

The exception being the superchargers, those you can add at will.