Mixing subs with meditation music and binaural beats


Hi, I am new here and really excited I found this place! I have already spent quite a bit of time going through the site and some of the forum posts. I was very happy to find the free downloads so I could try a sub before I buy.

I have a lot of questions but for now while I am starting on my first sub (self-confidence) I wanted to know will it lessen the effectiveness to mix the subs with meditation music and binaural beats with an audio editor? I already do this with my meditation music by mixing binaural beats.

Second question: Can you listen to the silent sub on your smartphone speaker? I don’t have any speakers at the moment


Welcome @SpiritualQuest!

Every so often, someone asks the music question. I remember that @SaintSovereign said that music can make the experience even more effective. As can meditation. The reason is (I think) that both of those things make the walls between conscious and subconscious more permeable.

As for binaurals, well, they’re basically just non-melodic music. Two sets of rhythmic tones. The binaural entrainment effect also occurs when listening to some kinds of drumming or singing (which is why drumming and chanting are used to induce trance). So, I guess the same principle would apply with binaurals, as applies for music. Just depends on the effects that the particular binaural (or music) have on you personally.

I’ve actually had the idea to go into Audacity and create custom music tracks combining subliminals with some of my most beloved music. I’ll probably do it at some point, but for now, the straightforward method works quite well.

Anyway, welcome and may you find what you seek.


Don’t think this is the one I was originally remembering, but anyway, it’s the same idea.


My thoughts exactly! To me it’s also easier to listen to music with water sounds than water sounds by themselves which get boring after awhile when listen to by itself.

I forgot to ask my 2nd question. Maybe you could answer. Can you listen to the silent sub on your smartphone speakers? I don’t have any speakers at the moment.


Yes, you can. And I do. But I always wonder how those frequencies affect the speakers. So maybe a good idea not to turn it superloud. Pretty much impossible to replace iPhone or iPad speakers.

But yes, the subs work perfectly through smartphone speakers. Use FrequenSee or some other wave analyzer to calibrate the decibel level.

That’s interesting. There’s quite a variety of subjective reactions to the tracks. Depends on the person, I guess. I seem to find the masked tracks (with the sounds) pretty soothing. I listen at night and it relaxes me and occupies my attention which helps me to sleep. Others find their sleep disturbed.

There’s an app called AudioShare which you may find convenient. You can transfer tracks to it from your music library. Then you can play the track in AudioShare in the background while you play something else in YouTube or any other app. This allows you to listen to other things on your phone while simultaneously playing the subliminal. Just BE VERY VERY CAREFUL about playing ultrasonics that way. You could have the volume all the way up and not realize it, very dangerous for your ears.

Fortunately you can set the volume in AudioShare independently. Unfortunately, you can’t make a playlist with several tracks played one after another. But you can set it to repeat one individual track over and over again. Pretty cool little thing.


Thanks for all your help and that app seems really cool! I am going to try right now!


Unfortunately that app is only available for iPhone but I am looking at android alternatives.

I was also wondering if the masked versions are effective on regular speakers or even smartphone speakers?


Found the app to dual audio! Its a Samsung app called sound assistant. It has separate volume controls for each player so you can set the silent sub at the right level independent of the music.


That Samsung app sounds great!

Yes, the masked works out of ordinary speakers. If you can hear the sound then you’re good.


I use an app called Mind Tuner. It lets me play binaural beats together with any playlist. I particularly use the “Deep Sleep” beats when going to bed while playing my stack with it. You can set the time it plays too.


Sounds cool. I am going to check it out. Do you use headphones in bed?


I couldn’t find this app. Can you find the link? Thanks!


Turns out Mind Tuner is no longer available in the app store. It was a free app about a year ago. However, the same developers have several paid apps such as https://apps.apple.com/us/app/brain-wave-35-binaural-series/id307219387


Does anyone know whether or not noise canceling headphones like Bose QuietComfort 2 would disrupt the Binaural Beats effect or the effectiveness of ultrasonics?


It should be fine. Though I wouldn’t recommend using headphones for ultrasonics. And if you do decide to play ultrasonics on headphones, make sure the volume’s not too high.


I have a pair of JBL noise canceling headphones and they work great for binaural beats.


What about ultrasonic’s through Iphone speakers directly. Honestly I don’t see an Iphone speaker having great sound quality at those higher tones 20Khz.


i think that it works. Firstly, FrequenSee shows very crisp and clear activity at the appropriate wavelength. Secondly, the content (verbal language) ought to be straightforward enough that typical speakers would be sufficient; the quality wouldn’t need to be any higher than say your typical radio. The subconscious just needs to be able to pick up the words without conscious interference… Thirdly, anecdotally, a number of people here on the forum have reported listening in this way at times.


I’d have to agree with @Malkuth here. Some here have been using their iPhones for ultrasonics and have reported good results.