Hi all!

I have some questions about mixing subs, stacks vs loops time. If anyone has achieved great results following this pattern, your input will be greatly appreciated. I am contemplating on the below

Main sub Ascended Mogul, Secondary Sub Sex Mastery X2, stack Limit destroyer, and maybe Primal Seduction

AM x 5
PS x 3
SXM X2 x 2
limit destroyer x 1


AM x 5
SXM X2 x 2
LD x 1

I am thinking that maybe PS might be too much as there is already two main subliminals in the mix. I have never combined Subclub programs so I am kinda unsure how to go about it. My main goal is what AM offers and to get results as quick as possible.

Another question I have:
I noticed that a lot of subs share the same modules/submodules eg. Primal Seduction, Ascended Mogul, Sex Mastery X2.
What happens in this scenario? Do they cancel each other out by overlapping?
Does it all make subliminal take long time to show results or maybe no results at all?

PS. in my previous post I mentioned getting Limitless, but since I intend to study in Feb 2020 I am leaving it out at this stage.

Thanks in advance for reading and your suggestions.


Dude, what happened to starting with AM and observe your results first? In your previous post you wanted one sub. And before that you didn’t like PS because you were married.

Consider this an encouragement. Stick to Ascended Mogul for month(s) and post your results.


That’s still the plan, nothing changed. I am just playing with the idea I mentioned above. Do you think Limit destroyer is necessary? No sure if AM has anything included to substitute LD.



Stacking modules take something that exists in the major programs and go deeper into it. So I’m assuming there is some form of overcoming limits in the core script of AM. But if you feel you have so many limits holding you back that AM will take a long time to start working, Limit Destroyer will spend extra time on it to help you overcome those limits.


Ok cool. That’s good to know.
Thanks a lot.


Defo taken on board a similar mindset of using as few major subliminals as possible! I think you need patience, taking action and commitment to truly see results .
I now only use a supercharger before i go out to boost my current major program !