Missed opportunity with Elixyr


Seems to me you missed a great opportunity in your Elixyr script. I would have loved the imagery along these lines…

You notice a small vial and as you reach out and grab it, it glows brighter and brighter, and you become aware that this is an elixyr of mental and physical healing. As you drink the liquid, you feel the healing power flow throughout your body (etc)

Point is with such a great product name (which is also used in the script), it’s a shame you didn’t make drinking an elixyr part of the imagery.


It wasn’t a missed opportunity – we deliberately avoided that reference. The point of The Elixir is to focus your mind on using it’s natural healing functions to accelerate mental and physical healing. In today’s society, we rely far too much on big pharma for ANY kind of malady, and especially in the United States, we treat symptoms rather than underlying issues. That being said, we made the conscious, deliberate choice to avoid imagery of any kind of “outside artificial medicine,” (which would reinforce the nonsense that big pharma is pushing) and instead used the imagery of you wrapping yourself up in an energetic cocoon for healing.

Don’t worry, we got this.


I totally get that and support the idea of avoiding the promotion of magic pills and/or medicine to solve our problem. Yet, you chose Elixyr for your product name, so that connotation is already there. :slight_smile:


The title is metaphorical — it doesn’t have to represent a physical elixir. That’s the point, your connection to your body and the universe IS the elixir, no outside medicine needed.