Mini super customs?

Long story short I’m currently building a custom to experiment with ultra focused goal

One I’ve struggled getting results with, physical shifting, and here especially geared toward one of my older goal because I’d like it crossed of my list once and for all this year or the next :
Becoming a three leg pirate

I’ve seen that someone went for less than 10 modules for a custom and I gotta say It would be perfect for me too, anyone else went for less than 10 modules? Was it okay?

Also did anyone experiment with higher power like terminus and squared with zpv2?

I plan to make it above standard
I really want to be completing that goal sooner rather than later to put that energy somewhere else and never think again about it anymore

I’m quite serious about this goal even if it seems frivolous for some

All inputs are welcomed


For those curious the build is as follow :

male enhancement.

Other modules I’ve thought about are :

EpiGenetic & DNA modulator
Plateau breaker
Divine will
Divine self image
Gratitude embodiment
Virtue series : Patience

Any thoughts?
Not sure I’ll keep all current modules, I wa’t it as tight as possible, with as few facilitator as possible but just enough to allow change more easily


I would add some modules related to optimizing the body’s functioning like: A/SPS: Organs, Asclepius, Health Codex, Physicality Shifter – Sexiness, SPS: Endocrine System, SPS: Reproductive System. And here you go at least 10 modules in your custom.


I currently haven’t put them because I want more the growth rather than the healing
Wich I’ve tried with both in a past custom and the healing part take the lead too much

Was helpful then but now need it even less

Sps endocrine
Sps reproductive system

Were and still are considered

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At least I found this answer for my question about going for less than 10 module in the beginner guide to custom making

You can include up to 20 modules in your custom title, although those who are new to running subliminals should consider limiting themselves to 10 or less.

That’s one answer already

Unfortunately that’s a typo.

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Whaaat? :cry:


Doesn’t look like so :weary:

Perhaps Serum X.

I proposed micro customs a while back. (You can vote for it here: Very Light Customs ZP | Subliminal Club)

The concept would IMO especially go well with skill modules. E. g. if you want to use the Master Chef module to improve your cooking skills it would be often the case that it doesn’t fit into your other highly focused ZP customs.

And: A ME stand alone ZP custom would be an instant bestseller.

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My first custom was super small, mostly because I did not know better: One core and four additional modules. The focus was my voice. The build was the normal ZP (v1). I did not get any horrible recon. I usually played it for 7 minutes.

I already had a lot of vocal training; the main goal of the sub was to support it psychologically. I’m not sure major physical changes are something you can simply speed up by cranking up the intensity.

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Nutricion is key here.
I think you just have to ingest all possible minerals and vitamins into your body first.
And do a little sport so your body produces the right hormones to grow.

If this is fixed then you can lisen to Diamond with Male Enhancement

I had the Male Enhancement modules in a few customs I lisen to regularly.

Since I suplement vitamins in liposomal Form, drink Terra Nova Life Drink and eat sprouts daily the grith of my Dick got bigger.

I am excited how this development goes in the future.

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