Mind's Eye Terminus or Stark T^2

I’ve mentioned this once or twice before in the past but would like to make a formal request for one of these titles. Either one of these titles would help users understand where they “fit” in being able to tolerate a given build method. Without either one we’re left with an apples to oranges comparison of sorts.


We’ll think about it. What’s more likely to happen is that people will get the Terminus Squared versions and run them at 8 loops a day, no rest days, then claim that our products aren’t working as intended. The situation that occurred last week has left a bad taste in my mouth about releasing experimentals and early technology publicly.


Yes it’s unfortunate that people are essentially shotgunning the technology rather than use it in moderation first and working their way upward.

If you do release one of the two titles you’d be able to release the updated listening guide with it including the separate disclaimer/warning/instructions for the still experimental T^2. In that way, it is easy for yourself and others to point to it as reference for anyone not experiencing results because of their listening pattern. Though all people might not read it, enough of us would and that way the new norm might spread/take quicker.

I totally understand your reprehension from releasing new tech going forward, that said neither terminus nor T^2 are technically new anymore. Merely food for thought, I really do believe it will give users a better understanding of the various build strengths and their ability to work with them.


You could make sure people meet certain requirements to get in on certain experimental products.


Stark is sub Im running longest of all. It made also into my custom sub.
Q, T, mCore.
Please, make MARK IV.

That’s what we’re leaning toward the most.


I support this in principle, but I’m not sure I would use Mind’s Eye Terminus if it existed. I’m so used to Mind’s Eye Terminus2 by now. Also, Stark is already part of my Terminus custom, so I probably wouldn’t use it either. Either way, I’m in support of it, and would avidly follow other people’s experiences with these titles.

One thing that I would like is one of the really trim, focused titles in Terminus2. Something really concrete and specific, where the results would be super-obvious. Maybe one of the ‘…Mastery‘ titles?

But I can’t think of one right now that would work for me.

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I wish I could test Stark T2 too since I’m considering buying a custom based on that technology. That’s the main reason why I’m testing Stark T1 right now.

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