Millionaire Mission


Alrighty, after being part of the last testing phase, I ran Khan (st2 & 3) for a little while but now I am switching over to Ecstasy of Gold. ST1 seems to be what I’m looking for immediately. I’m currently less than an hour into running it so we’ll see how it goes. On top of that, because my work involves sales/networking I’ll be running true social once (perhaps twice) each morning (once released) before leaving the house each morning for an extra “push”. I’m starting a new journal because even though my goals are ultimately still very similar to my last one, I want a fresh start all around this time.

My goals for the next 30 days are as follows:

  • Minimize activities which are simply distractions and don’t advance my self-improvement (by the end of the 30 days have it scheduled to only a few hours of “leisure” time a week to unwind)
  • Recruit 25 people before company month end: August 1st (usually 6pm but sometimes extended to midnight)
  • Speak to a minimum of 25 people a day about my business
  • Make no less than $7000 in commissions this month
  • Journal my experiences no less than 3 times a week
  • Track my business to find problem areas which require immediate strengthening.

Today is day 0. Tomorrow is day 1. The first day of the rest of my life.

Alright gang.


Are you an entrepreneur or employee?

Edit: Sorry, read again and got it now


Wow, you sure know how to make your goals measurable. Good luck, Neuro!

Oh, and if you hear any beeping sounds for no reason, you know why. :wink:


Day 3
Not a whole lot to report unfortunately. I have taken almost no action toward getting any new sales or business partners. There’s a definite “push” feeling from ST1 of EoG. As well, my self-talk is noticeably more positive. The moment a negative thought enters my mind it’s replaced almost (if not) immediately by positive reinforcement. Instead of looking through my memories for proof of my doubts/fears, my conscious thoughts seem automatically directed at finding proof of why I can succeed instead. Much of the inaction has been fatigue. I’ve been grotesquely tired recently, spending much of the days sleeping. This could either be from all the ST1 exposure, though I have a suspicion it’s from a bad habit that I need to shake. I need to find a way to not give in to the habit first thing in the morning, which will most likely prevent the level of exhaustion I am feeling most days.

A few positive notes: I installed an app blocker on my phone so I can’t use time wasters like FB/Youtube/etc. throughout the work day. I also committed more to doing away with my leisure time by cancelling my Netflix subscription. If it becomes necessary I’ll install a blocker in my browser for that too. My intent is to replace any time I would spend watching streaming video to watch any number of the sales/personal development programs I never completed over the years.


In a possible serendipitous manner, my coach/mentor just issued a “Talk to people” challenge for the team tomorrow during a conference call. He said anyone who wants to take part should aim for 10 conversations with new people. Going to see if I can knock it out of the park with my 25 target number. Expect an update tomorrow on how it goes :wink:


Day 4
Today was a crap shoot. All my plans fell apart and I got nothing done. Am still really exhausted and spent most of the day asleep or otherwise wasting my time. Still trying to fight passed whatever his holding me back.

On a possible related note, the sale on my late father’s property got an offer 41k above asking price today. Not sure if that’s a “manifestation” but it is welcome news and going forward with the sale will mean one less thing I need to worry about.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is a new me.


So what happened to the “Talk to people”-challenge then? No home run?


I, sadly, did not participate. Others from my office did with mixed results. I have a schedule for tomorrow that I trust you will help me be more productive. Although the office challenge was for today, I will continue to challenge myself daily until I get it. Until I knock it out of the park.


I tried to find something inspirational to say that was applicable to the situation. In the end, Tony Robbins is the best I could come up with:

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.


It is sort of applicable. I don’t feel as though I am trying. I am still trying to try. It’s incredibly frustrating to know what needs to be done but be paralyzed by some seemingly unknown force, most likely of my own design


This better then? :slight_smile:

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Much haha

Grazie :blush:


The word ‘try’ means not to do. ‘Try’ to touch your keyboard. Go ahead. If you reached forward and touched your keyboard, then you did it. Do or do not, there is no try. Does it make sense to you?

Perhaps the Talk to People challenge is overwhelming you now, and it made you procrastinate. Consider completing 3 small tasks first, one after another to give you the momentum to go for the bigger challenge.

Or use Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule.


Well, I tried not to butt in and respond…

A hypnotist taught it to me like this (the usage of intonation, emphasis and punctuation is intentional):
To try is to give yourself the option of failure. And once you have that option, your subconscious will always take it, since it is so much easier compared to the doing. Stop! Using. That. Word. Either do it. Or not. And if not, that is your choice right now and it is perfectly fine. Just. Never. Try.

And I did. As a result, I do say “no” more often though.

He taught me a similar thing about the word hope. I think he may have been a very cynical person.

Of course, neither of us is probably helping Neuro’s self-esteem right now… :slight_smile:

The 5 second rule is indeed a good advice here. It’s easier said than done, but it’s definitely good advice. Especially considering Neuro is very clear on what he wants to do and likely on what he needs to do for it.


All of it is helpful, I keep an open mind when it comes to advice. All of what you’re saying makes sense. There’s no simple way to convey the problem. But no problem cannot be overcome. I am making my best attempt to push through.

Day 5
Got myself out today. A few positive signals from people and definitely more confidence. Still trying to work around my barriers but each step is one step closer. Though there have been interesting developments today, they are mainly romantic and not financial so don’t really belong in this journal. More to come.


Day 7
Okay, so I still haven’t focused too much on growing my business. There have been a few distractions over the last few days. And by distractions, I mean women. I’m not sure if it’s all the Khan programming lingering around, or possibly some “dominance” programming from EoG (I saw Saint mention something about it in another thread) - but I had two girls throw themselves at me this weekend. One literally and the other much more subtly. I know I’d stated earlier this week that I wouldn’t include stuff involving romantic/dating events in this journal as EoG is all about wealth generation but after seeing Saint’s comment about how EoG will have some of that same dominance/alpha programming in it as well - it seems worth tracking.

I went dancing with girl 1 on night 1, the last time I’d seen this girl she very specifically told me she “only sees me as a friend” so I thought we were going out as just friends. Halfway through the night she comes up to me on the dance floor, grabs my face, and proceeds to make out with me everywhere in the club for the rest of the night. We left back for my place, hung out and talked for a bit, then she went home around 4am. Didn’t end up going any further but I’m fairly sure I’ll be able to make plans with her again and seal the deal. It’s worth noting that when we were talking back at my place she was essentially volunteering to recruit herself into my business. She kept talking about how she wants to do something exactly like what I’m doing now. The only reason I didn’t mention anything to her is because I have a steadfast rule about not mixing business with pleasure and I really want to see where this goes. Although that made more sense at the time, it makes less sense looking back. But I didn’t have the abundance mindset I have now in regards to dating. Probably because night 2 hadn’t happened yet and it’s been a few months dry spell for me.

Fast forward to night 2. Girl I went to high school with, we’ve been friends a long time. Not super close friends mind you, but I thought for sure I was in the friend zone with this one too. We started the night at my house, had a few shots, smoked weed, talked, no big deal. We get to the club and she starts casually dancing with me and instantly acting more flirty. I decide to go for it. Took control of the night, brought her in closer and essentially dominated her throughout the evening. There was less making out than girl 1 but there was waaaay more dirty dancing and pure seductiveness. There were not a whole lot of guys in that bar that I wasn’t the envy of. We get back to my place and for the second night in a row, nothing actually goes down. On the surface it would seem that I suck at closing but I’m fairly sure that the case in both instances was that neither girl wanted to be perceived as a slut who would give it up on the first date. A second or third encounter with either I’m sure will end more satisfactorily.

Both nights ended pretty late and the recovery time the next day led to a whole lot of inactivity. Although reflecting back, I feel like I could have actually done more. I did kind of have the energy, despite the alcohol and lack of sleep en masse this weekend - but I think I justified my normal behaviour with the “success” of the previous nights. Something I will avoid in the future. That said, another friend I’ve known for 10+ years has free tickets to a comedy show tonight. She used to be a stripper and the last time I went to a comedy show with her I hooked up with one of her stripper friends after the show so we’ll see about what be done to manifest some more good times. But I will get to work tomorrow despite what happens. The talk to people challenge will happen in the next 48 hours. I’m putting my foot down :slight_smile: