Might be recon but doesn't hurt to ask


For dating and relationships, what would be best to stack with Emperor, Primal or Primal Seduction or Iron Throne? Or would it be best to just stick with EV4 only and let whatever happens to happen? Also would stacking each stage of Khan with EV4 be an option?


First instinct is Iron Throne, second is the full Primal Seduction. Throw some Libertine in there when you can. You’d have to clarify what you mean by stacking each stage of Khan.


After seeing Primal Seduction Iron Throne mentioned soooo many times, how come is the program not available anymore?


Each stage 1 at a time. Libertine and Iron Throne…maybe full PS. Thanks.


It was a limited time offer. I hopped on it at the last minute.


It’s storytime!

A long, long time ago on an Internet far, far away, SubClub released Primal Seduction. For those that trusted them enough to pre-order, there was Iron Throne, a version of Primal Seduction that wouldn’t hold your hand and say everything was gonna be okay, but would push you to the limit. No More Mister Nice Sub.

As most experimentals and bonuses go, it was ultrasonic only, no masked version.

People started raving about it and everybody wanted one for Christmas. And so, even though it was not considered a “full” subliminal, it came back for an encore.

People jumped on it. And then started asking for a masked version. After all, if it’s being sold separately, even at a very low price, there should be a masked version, right? NO! It’s not a full subliminal, it is a wildly successful bonus made specially available by popular request, at a very low price.

By that time, the essence of what made Iron Throne great was included in parts of Khan, and the idea to create a new and improved Iron Throne worthy of a dragon queen was floated, but only once it could get a decent overhaul.

But people want what they can’t have, and the request keeps coming back. :slight_smile:

Who knows, it may just come back for a second encore, but to the best of my knowledge there are no plans to that effect. There is still Primal Seduction, which contains everything Iron Throne does, but is a bit more gentle.

EDIT: Maybe Project Q will have an Iron Throne module, considering Saint is running an Iron Man module. And it’s the Chinese year of Metal. It must be synchronicity.


If you mean stacking Khan with Emperor throughout its stages, that’s an option. Does more, but works slower. You wouldn’t be the only one with that combination. If you choose to, I recommend running Stage 1 without Emperor, adding Emperor in starting with Stage 2. That way, you get the full effect of Khan’s Breakdown.


Thank you and please never leave the forum.


@DarkPhilosopher I like your style of writing! Thanks for the history lesson!


If you’re looking for Iron Throne, Khan ST3 is based on it I believe.