Mental & Emotional Maturity


I’m curious as to which Subliminal Club audio would be best to focus solely on becoming as mentally and emotionally mature as possible?


I’d say emperor or ascension


In addition to that I really suggest you start meditating and reflecting, if you’re not practicing it already.
Of course direct experience helps with that alot, but as we can see, most people make experiences and they dont learn from them at all. So it is your inner perspective and interpretation that makes you mature.
A very good first step to learn this is to make it a habit to see everything from multiple points of view and ask questions like “What can I learn from it?” “Why is this helpful?”


I would say Khan based on my brief experiences so far.


Regeneration was made for this job.

Done in stages, Ecstasy of Gold also leads there, because Wealth building requires a lot of emotional maturity.


Ascension and Ascended Mogul, yes.

Emperor, I feel, serves to narcissistic tendencies. In that sense, it’s not very supportive of emotional maturity.