MECHARC - Marathon to the top

Firstly a Huge Shout out to @Fire @AMASH @DarkPhilosopher
@Flake_And_Milk to make me feel at home immediately. Thank you guys!


Destroy selfsabotage, Insecurity, Self Doubt, Fear of worldy things,
Build Confidnce, Status, Self Esteem, Power, Dominance, Respect, Wealth, Courage, Strength
Be More Productive, Defeat Procrastinantion, Develop a Unstoppable Attitude, Develop a winning Minset, Deleop an Entrepreneurial Mindset,

Form Deep relationships For Business and Life, Be a great networker, generate implementable and profitable legal business ideas. start grabbing every business opportunity.


True Social x 2 in morning

Khan X 2 Mogul x 1

Will be giving Daily updates when free, or atleast weekly or monthly reveiws if things get very busy.

Thank you Subliminal Club Community! Lets Start this!


Welcome here, and congratulations on your first journal!

I look forward to reading it consistently :blush:


Day 1.

Started the morning with some meditation.
Then listened to “Social king” meditation once and true social ultrasound once.

For the ultrasound, I could not hear anything even at high volume. So I am not sure if my smart phone (one plus 6) supports it, or what is the suggested volume I should put it at. I had used a ultrasound few years ago, that I got off the internet free. For that, I could hear the ultrasound (squeaky noise) on volumes above 30 %.

Previously, I had read that using ultrasound beyond 25% sound level can damage hearing.

I listened to a loop of mogul and ST1 for 10 hours, I used the masked version for both, because i wasn’t sure of the ultrasonic version. will the results vary between the two types?

Have been feeling lathergic all day and took 3 naps. Did not do anything active apart from finishing my assignment. However, the usual triggers that bring up an urge to go watch porn rather disgusted me today. This was a massive change since 2009 :’).


  1. For true social, should i listen to the social king and ultrasonic more than once each day before starting the loop of Mogul and Khan? @AMASH.

  2. Is it effective to listen to true social in the morning, then loop mogul and khan the entire day, and then finally listen to another round of true social before going to bed?- or should i do it any other way?

  3. How long should I stick to each stage of Khan?- I know that the description says to mix it up according to the desire of self, but what is the optimum way for best results.

On a side note: I reached the maximum replies in one day for a new user yesterday and could not reply anymore. When will that limitation be lifted for me?


Alot of people ask “how long should i listen to each Khan stage”. If you want to quantify it I believe the current wisdom is 30 days per stage. Now having said that go with your gut feelings if you feel you want to spend more time on a specfic stage. Then go ahead and do that. Some people may need more healing time then others on stage 1 for example.


Thank you @DarkAvenger

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Day 4.

Have listened to mogul and khan stage 1 for total 15 hours each. The masked version only.

Don’t really feel any positive difference yet. Feel very lathergic and drained to do anything.
Last night, I listened to the loop for the entire duration of my sleep. Feel slight buzz.

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DAY 9.

St1 till Day= 31 hours total , I swap it with Limitless and ST3 when i am studying. but i don’t track them.

Today I Think I felt the First Behavourial Change

  • I went to an event all alone. Previously, i would not even take the effort of going to anyplace alone by my self.

  • Couldn’t care less about the strangers in the event- I am some one who is generally in his head, worrying what people are thinking about me. Usually i am stuck with the thought of whether surrouding strangers find me high status or low status.
    Today, this thought did not come to me even once. Although i wasn’t the most charming person in the event. It was a moral victory

But Unfortunately after i came back home, i masturated to porn. ughhh

Are these effects of stage one or is it just my bias? I still haven’t started feeling like shit, as i have read from many stage 1 journals.

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You might want to check this video it shows on which day people usually get cravingx and when they have to be more careful.

You are at 31 hours as far as I have seen in other journals the early phase it’s way better than what’s coming.


DAY 12

St1 total Listening time= 54 hours

Behavourial Change

  • Today at the gym, i went to the deadlift section, and someone was already using it. and the following coversation took place.

Me: Hey can we switch (in a jolly tone)
Guy: I have 3 sets left (in an arrogant tone)
Me: that’s okay, we can switch
Guy: i will change weights (in a rude tone)
Me: That’s okay, we can switch.

My non reactiveness came out automatically, i did not even have to think and reply.

My previous usual automatic response to this would have been.

Guy: bla bla bka
Me: Sorry
( back off and wait until he gets done)

Edit: I did not even think once during the conversation or even after, that he was acting rude. now that i was reflecting back, it came up.


Day 16

St1 - 76.5 hours

I still haven’t felt any negative effects yet, apart from slight lathergy. What could this mean for me?

** behavioral change **

  • I usually panic and freak out easily. Today I took the wrong train, but i did not get any anxiety. I remained cool.

@mecharc - I didn’t have many negative effects with ST1 of Khan either other than short outbursts of temper maybe 2 or 3 times during the whole month. And the first night I used it, I did feel a bit off the next day.

I think different people react differently to ST1 based on their life experiences. Maybe there isn’t much to Breakdown in you which could be a good thing.

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Ohh… Does that mean I can reduce the number of days for St1?

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@mecharc - I am not sure really. It’s my first instance of playing a multi-stage subliminal with Khan. Mostly you will feel the need to change to the next stage when the time is right. I don’t know how to explain this though. But if you want to be totally sure of doing each stage well, go for 30 days each. Else, you can also follow your intuition. Like the sales page for Khan states that you are free to use the Khan stages however you want to.

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Does only 30 days matter? Or the number of hours too? @Lion

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Day 17.

Update 1-
I will swap st1 with st3, to study for exams.

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I’ve been using st1 since the 9th of this month and on the 22nd of this month I stopped using other major programs with it so since Tuesday only khan st1 plus GM and some super chargers here and there. I’ve felt lazy and had some days where I was very angry and irratied easily but so far khan ST1 isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I still plan to run it for another month so maybe it will get more intense ?

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We started our journey on the same day! Maybe we can account each others progress. What say?

The answer to this will be very subjective. Would depend from person to person.


Its crazy alot of our goals especially inner world goals like self sabotage, confidence issues, porn issues, procrastination etc are the same its crazy how similar. I will def be following you along your journey

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@mecharc - i don’t concern too much with number of hours. I just play my stack of 3 subs 7 to 8 hours a night when asleep.

@Lion There was this recent post I read which mentioned that it is better to not listen to the subs at night… What’s your feedback regarding this?

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