Maximum Number of Subliminals to Use


I’ve been looking around the forums but I couldnt find an exact answer so here goes.

Is there a MAXIMUM number of subliminals I can have on my playlist as I play and forget ? If there isn’t what is the number of subliminals one can listen to before the length of time in which one would see increase dramatically ?

How long should I listen to make the effects of the subliminal permanent?

For now, I’m planning something along the lines of Limitless, Mogul Ascension or Emperor and the gaming subliminal (in the future perhaps another skill sub or switching to the Sex+Seduction trio stack)


There isn’t a maximum, but the general rule of thumb is 2-3. When @Fire and I first conceived the idea, we originally wanted users to be able to stack as many as they liked, but now users are starting to report diminished effects when stacking two major programs. This is something we’ll have to evaluate soon. Right now, I recommend testing to see how your mind responds.

As for permanency, here’s the thing — the subconscious is not a static entity, it is always changing, always observing, always responding to stimuli. To direct your life the way you want, you will always have to engage in some sort of self-development. The longer you run the subliminals, the more your new reality becomes your permanent reality. However, once you stop, it’s inevitable that you will experience fading of effects as outside stimuli affects you. That’s why I recommend set and forget method. I’m blessed enough to have a girlfriend that completely supports subliminals and was a former skeptic until she experienced it herself, so the set and forget method has no issues. If you have a live in partner, perhaps you could try to get them on board to take this journey with you.


Would Limitless be considered a Major Program? I always looked at is as a supplemental program for a Major Program. I was planning on getting Ascended Mogul and Gaming Mastery, run these two programs with Limitless in a playlist for about half a year and then move on to a different playlist consisting of Emperor, the Sex and Seduction series and a Fighting Subliminal, too ambitious or just enough ? Thanks again for replying Saint !


Definitely a major program, but you can stack it.

3 is where I’d put a sort of limit for major programs, but you can always experiment. Everyone has different abilities to process and manifest - same as different people can bench press different weights when starting out.

Perhaps you can only run 1 subliminal right now with good results. Perhaps you can run 4 right now and get good results from all of them. Perhaps after a few years you’ll be able to run even more.

Try it, if it’s too spread out, go down to 2 subliminals. Keep in mind that they are kinda in different areas - if it becomes problematic, take one out.

Experiment, see what works with you.

Good luck. :slight_smile: