Matt‘s New Journal (Ascension daytime)


I decided to run a subliminal again. This time I choose Ascension v2, which I bought a while ago. I crashed my speakers for silent subliminals, so I am listening for at least 6 hours to the masked version during day time with headphones. I want to listen to it for at least 90 days and then buy emporer v4.

Notes of first 7 days:

  • Dec 8: Not enough time during the day, added 4 hours of listening time at night

  • Dec 12: This night I had interesting dreams about people I know and had conflicts with. Maybe something is healing here.

  • Dec 14: Dream about a childhood bully

  • Dec 15: Dreams about first love

So far I can only see that the topics of my dreams seem to be somehow aligned to the subliminal. External changes or occurrences are not visible yet.


Hey – take a look at this thread: Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread

Good information regarding external results.


Thank you @SaintSovereign. Very good message. I think you got me there. I was partly hoping for a pheromone like effect. Although pheromones also work better when the user is taking action.

One of my goals for this subliminal is to become more confident. As writer I am reading in front of audiences sometimes. The less I am worried, the better I can focus on the performance. Next week I have a few readings and I will see how it turns out.

I‘ve seen that taking action is important when I tried Quantum Limitless stage 4 as standalone. Once I began doing the stuff I procrastinated about, I finished more and more.

With Ascension I am not completely sure which actions I should take. Maybe some behaviour therapy exercises against social anxiety?


Nice Chaos Magick symbol…muahaha


It’s the chaosphere.

Moorcock said about his version:
The origin of the Chaos Symbol was me doodling sitting at the kitchen table and wondering what to tell Jim Cawthorn the arms of Chaos looked like. I drew a straightforward geographical quadrant (which often has arrows, too!) – N, S, E, W – and then added another four directions and that was that – eight arrows representing all possibilities, one arrow representing the single, certain road of Law. I have since been told that it is an “ancient symbol of Chaos” and if it is then it confirms a lot of theories about the race mind. … As far as I know the symbol, drawn by Jim Cawthorn, first appeared on an Elric cover of Science Fantasy in 1962, then later appeared in his first comic version of Stormbringer done by Savoy ISBN 0-7045-0226-7.