Matt does Primal Seduction


Hello subliminal resultists!

After an interesting spiritual journey I am back on getting subliminal results.
With a clear mind hypnosis tracks seem to work better. So I figure that subliminals should work better, too.

Yesterday I visited the online shop after a long time again, looking for the seduction subliminal.
What I found sounded great: Primal seduction.
A mixture of one of my favorite subliminals from the past (Primal) and the new one I wanted to have.

At night I listened for one hour with sleep headphones to the masked track. After that at one point the sleep headphones must have left my head.

Now I am listening during the day to the masked subliminal with headphones and plan to use the ultrasonic one at night. I have good speakers for that and used it in the past.

Hope to find back to this place at one point with the first results.

A great journey to everyone!




I am not feeling so well at the moment, so I stopped using the subliminal.
First I couldn’t use it at night, because my sleep gets bad.
When I sleep bad or interrupt my sleeping pattern I fall into depression.

I used it during the day for a while, but I don’t have 8-12 hours to listen to it.

As soon as I am feeling better again, I will give it another try.


Have you used it any more, @Matt?


Yes I restarted using it, I still have to figure out if my sleep pattern is generally bad at the moment or if it’s because of using Primal Seduction. Will report back as soon as I come to some conclusions.

Maybe I have to use it for a few weeks to get accustomed to it.


If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the “Experimental Listening Pattern” thread.

it’s got info about those who are listening only during the day so as to get better sleep.