Matt does Primal Seduction


Hello subliminal resultists!

After an interesting spiritual journey I am back on getting subliminal results.
With a clear mind hypnosis tracks seem to work better. So I figure that subliminals should work better, too.

Yesterday I visited the online shop after a long time again, looking for the seduction subliminal.
What I found sounded great: Primal seduction.
A mixture of one of my favorite subliminals from the past (Primal) and the new one I wanted to have.

At night I listened for one hour with sleep headphones to the masked track. After that at one point the sleep headphones must have left my head.

Now I am listening during the day to the masked subliminal with headphones and plan to use the ultrasonic one at night. I have good speakers for that and used it in the past.

Hope to find back to this place at one point with the first results.

A great journey to everyone!




I am not feeling so well at the moment, so I stopped using the subliminal.
First I couldn’t use it at night, because my sleep gets bad.
When I sleep bad or interrupt my sleeping pattern I fall into depression.

I used it during the day for a while, but I don’t have 8-12 hours to listen to it.

As soon as I am feeling better again, I will give it another try.