Masturbation Question


So this question I’m pretty sure hasn’t been asked yet lol. Here’s the question… Does listening to Primal Seduction while masturbating improve the results? Lately, I’ve been wanting to quit watching porn. The last couple of times I’ve listened to PS while in the act instead of watching pornography. Only done it twice so I’m not sure of any results yet. What do you guys think about it?


A friend of mine is a fitness instructor. He says if you exercise whether its weigh loss or muscle gain it requires both a 100% commitment in the gym and a 100% commitment to following a specific eating plan. This makes complete sense.

To answer your question I believe masturbating to porn whilst listening to primal seduction does nothing to help matters, it might even nullify the effects of the subliminal.Its like going to the gym and working out then coming back and stuffing yourself with cheese cake and popcorn.

From the sounds of it PS is raising your sexual energy however you are wasting it by masturbating to porn.


I concur with blackadder. One of the fringe benefits of PS is likely that is weens you off the relationship with your hand(s). Which would mean that intentional masturbation could be considered action-taking opposed to the subliminal and slow its effectiveness.

Second, ejaculation drains sexual energy. Less sexual energy means less charge on your aura means less interest from the people you would prefer to spend the ejaculation on.

Edging, on the other hand, has been associated with an increase in sexual energy, since the body builds up charge towards a climax that isn’t coming. It is said some leaders like Churchill did it every night since the constant denial of release made them relentless and filled with Testosterone. I can tell you at some point you develop blue balls.


Thanks for the responses guys. Blackadder I meant masturbation without porn while listening to the subliminal. Also I agree with you about the commitment thing. And DarkPhilosopher I agree however edging is so hard for me to do. And does PS ween you off I didn’t know that. I was really just thinking that listening to PS and doing the act without porn had to be better than just cotinuing to watch porn.


Well, technically doing it without porn is still better than doing it with porn, since it helps your visualization skills.

I believe all subs will ween you off by the process of helping you realize that your natural instinct is to hunt for a sexual partner instead of using the one on your wrist, since the latter doesn’t help with procreation. This makes masturbation unproductive.

Anyways, to recap. Ejaculation makes you lose the energy, edging helps you build it while triggering your natural instinct to dominate. Or so the theory goes.

I think @dorfmeister can direct you to more info about transmuting your energy, or at least controlling it better. He discussed it in another thread. I can see a case where PS can be helped by such a practice, just like Libertine helps cultivate a sexual aura.


I agree that it drains sexual energy. Ive worked on trying to transmute and harness that energy after awhile of nofap/retention, but it just ended up getting built up like pressure and having to release again and back to the drawing board…
I wonder if the energy cultivation subs would allow for a full sexual transmutation, effectively into productive work??


Just be aware there are bigger drains on your energy than masturbation. If you smoke and drink heavily, eat bad food, or are constantly anxious or nervous, that will also affect your aura.

It’s the frequency of your habits, rather than focusing on occasional actions that (certain) people have deemed “bad” and “sinful”.