Masked with one headphone only?


Someone please can tell me if I listen with one headphone only will do the work? There is some loss of script?

My left headphone it’s broken. I ordered a pair of new ones but in the meantime I use the old one with only the right headphone.


I’m not entirely sure to be honest however I’d assume i there isn’t a divide between the two headphones and one headphone should be fine.


Why is it that only the left ones break? :smile:

If it’s only for a few days, don’t sweat it. :slight_smile:

The MP3s do have 2 channels, but I don’t think you’d lose any scripting.
The real loss would be in one side of the brain not getting any messaging at all. So, maybe switch sides sometimes. :blush:


This is not ideal, but should be okay for a few days. You need both sides for Ultima.


I would like to know too :joy:
First it started to hear less volume then it died.


Thanks a lot. I will keep a headphone for a couple of days until the new ones arrive.