Masked vs Ultrasonic



I usually listen to subliminals with earphones. I don’t have the environment to play them on speakers, or else I would have to expose the subliminals to infants, and other people. I am aware of the volume caution of ultrasonic in the case of earphones.

I have a belief that ultrasonic subliminals are more powerful, and work better than masked ones. Is it also true for your subliminals @SaintSovereign and @Fire? Can I use both at my playlist?

For example: 1 loop of masked (of any sub)
1 loop of ultrasonic
1 loop of masked
1 loop of ultrasonic… and so on


It depends on the individual case which one is stronger.

You could use both in your playlist, but please be aware of the effects of high volume of ultrasonic on your ears. Go lower than normal if you are using headphones. Take good care of your ears, you need them, and listen responsibly.


I listen with earbuds to the ultrasonic versions and I play it at about a third of the volume I normally would