Masked track questions


Hey guys!

I was wondering if listening on a single earbud would affect the sub (probably not but I tried not asking and my mind was bugging me).

And let’s say if I were to leave for 5 minutes for a phone call without finishing my loop would it affect anything, like do the subs put you in a trance like state or just bombard you with messages and only repetition matters?


Although your subconscious may like it better when it hears the same things in both ears rather than just the one, there is no technical reason why both channels are required.

The messages repeat throughout the track as well as throughout your own repetitions, you’ll be fine stepping away. At best your subconscious will discard the last few sentences if they don’t make sense without those 5 minutes.

Some people have reported that subs make them quieter like in a meditative state. This is probably because they keep your mind busy. But subs are not like hypnosis, where you can miss the wake-up routine and stay in bliss for up to an hour before coming out of it naturally. If the instructions ever state you shouldn’t listen to subs while driving a car, then ask again.