Masked Subliminals While Preoccupied


So it’s all good to run Masked subliminals while watching a show or class or listening to other music right? I played Masked subliminals this way, but wanna know if this works regardless.


I asked this same question sometime ago and the more experienced users told me it was okay. During the day, I listen to the subliminals while doing other things, including while watching TV or listening to music.


@fire or @SaintSovereign

Does listening to masked while say watching a movie or listening to music dimish the effect at all. Just wondering


Doesn’t matter. It’s subliminal, meaning so long as your subconscious mind can hear it it will most certainly hear it (so long as you hear the water playing, you’re good).

When you’re watching a movie or doing anything really, your subconscious mind is managing more tasks than you could fathom. It can process an extremely large amount of “bits” per second. It will still pick up on the messages and process them.

Considering you should be listening around 8hrs a day minimum, you most certainly can’t meet that requirement meditating or focusing on the waves you’re hearing. And luckily our creator be it intelligent or random has equipped us with a super computing machine.

So you’re good (-;