Masked over speakers?


A former subliminal maker said never to play masked over speakers, but I see users here do that.

Is this completely safe/recommended?
Is it any better or worse than ultrasonic?


That’s something I am interested as well. But it seems to be very personal…


Completely safe. That’s the only way I’ve used SC subs.

This is a general guideline when the Masked audio uses Brainwaves for relaxing / trancing.

Playing them on speakers - while being busy with other activities - would make the subs less effective, and the user more vulnerable to harmful programming, esp. from social media, news, etc.

SubClub doesn’t do that. Here the products are designed for background listening.

Hope that makes things clearer. :+1:t2:


Never played masked over speakers? You sure they didn’t mean ultrasonic over headphones? I can’t imagine why anyone would say that – masked is perfect for speakers.

As for which is “better,” that’s up to the individual. Everyone responds differently to titles.