Masked on Speakers


I find that i can listen alot more on speakers than with headphones. So i want to know how much listening to masked on speakers diminishes the quality? I would just do ultrasonic but i have no idea what i am doing and dont want to damage my ears. Any help is appreciated.


In a masked track the volume of the voice is a lot lower compared to the ultrasonics, because the water-sounds need to overpower it. So if you do intend to listen to masked tracks on speakers, make sure you set it loud enough. Doesn’t have to be overbearing, you can keep it at a comfortable level, just don’t set it very softly in the background.

If you download the General Instructions PDF that came with your purchase (Emperor, right?) there are instructions for using FrequenSee to calibrate for ultrasonics. Were they unclear?


Yeah igot the instructions but i dont fully understand them. ill try to go through it again and see if i have any luck. will it affect it if the phone is in my pocket?


@DarkPhilosopher ok i think i have it figured out, but i have a question if you dont mind. It says to not play it over -20. What would a good volume be? -30? -40? Is there a volume that is most optimal? will it being in my pocket affect things or should i attach it to my belt? ok, a few questions lol


Imagine it’s just a voice talking to you. You may not hear it, but it’s still just a voice talking to you. -20 means it’s shouting, -60 means you need to lean in to hear it better. Now if it’s shouting, but you’re standing on the other side of the room, it’s okay. If it’s shouting directly into your ear, it’s unpleasant. If it’s coming from your pants pocket, I’d seek help. :slight_smile:
Seriously, the fabric will likely dampen it a bit, belt might be better.

I’ll let Saint answer this one as well:

I myself hover somewhere around -50, but I’m generally using headphones, so I err on the side of soft.