Masked and ultra sonics vs my dogs


Are the masked or ultrasonics gonna mess with my dogs like a constant dog whisle? I dont want to hurt them and i saw the one about the guy little girl hearing them.


Depends on the dog, really. Dogs can hear the frequencies. If it’s too loud, they might get restless and/or start barking. If the dog has been trained using ultrasonic sounds, they may not understand what you’re expecting them to do. They might leave the room to get away from the annoying sound.

Volume is also important. Dogs may get used to and ignore the sound if the volume is reasonable, but just like a human being, may develop nausea and headaches if it’s too loud. Since I’ve never seen a dog reach for an aspirin, the headache-part is purely guesswork. :slight_smile:

You should know I’m a cat person, since my pets need to be as stubborn and have an equal inflated sense of self-importance as I am/have. :wink:
So I don’t speak from experience, only from what I’ve been told.

Reminds me of a forum post in the early days of subliminals. This guy was asking how to create an ultrasonic audio. When asked why, he responded his neighbors dogs were constantly barking at night, so he wanted to buy a set of huge speakers, point them at the neighbors house and play an ultrasonic that said “Shut your dogs up!”. I was rolling on the floor.


Have you ever played ultrasonic subs on speakers in the vicinity of your cats? If so how did they react?

I’m looking at getting a cat in the new year. I’m guessing I’ll need to stop the ultrasonics altogether.