Masculinity: DR vs GLM

Im debating if i should drop GLM soon. i am running it alongside DR.

i am wondering whats the difference between the masculinity u get from DR vs GLM? Power? strength? ambition? character? discipline? dominance?

Anyone who ran either one or both, could u explain what u experienced? if both, can u compare?

maybe GLM is redundant next to DR. if thats the case i could take it out or replace it.

I ran DR as you know. The masculinity for me was feeling more solid in myself, less wishy washy. I felt okay within myself but it came and went throughout my year journey. The masculinity was lighter, not as potent in DR (for me)

Now that I’m listening to Glm and LotS, I can definitely feel damn near all the objectives working. Discipline is helping doing things. Little to no resistance when getting things done. Impulsivity is nonexistent. I feel that stoic calm and have this energetic confidence to meet challenges head on vs avoidant behavior.

If you don’t need the masculinity in Glm, then you could drop it. Coming from DR to Glm, it was a potent hit for me. But also because I was lacking masculinity so obviously Glm would hit me harder.

You’ve ran Glm enough to where dropping it won’t be bad. Personally with DR, the less you mix it with other stuff, the better it runs. It’s already a big program in itself.


thanks. that gave me some clarity. since i ran both at the same time i couldnt be sure but thats kind of wat i was guessing

i was considering replacing GLM with Khan Black which is wat i assume is much denser than GLM. haha. I cant seem to do DR solo. too many tempting subs. i was thinking a full year of DR + Khan Black

Khan Black will probably (based on feedback) increase your processing and execution of DR. But in my humble opinion, that’s all I’d run until DR is done :slight_smile:

increase processing and execution of DR huh…
its just sounding better and better

i get wat u mean tho. im very curious about running one sub by itself. i haven’t had a 1 sub stack since i found subclub. and its supposed to work faster by itself. im on ST3 rn but when its ST4 its gunna be really dense. thats wat makes me hesitant. DR is a big one.

Honestly, I don’t remember feeling a stronger sense of masculinity on it. I remember stages 1 and 2 felt easy.

Then I went to stage 4 and remember feeling like my ass was getting kicked into the middle of next week on a regular basis.


DR1 kicked my ass.