Marketing mail?


Hey guys,

Question for @SaintSovereign, @Fire, or anyone else who might know:

Does SubliminalClub send marketing mail to physical home addresses? And if you guys do, is there a way to opt out? I’d rather not have my roommates see mail coming in from SubClub and start asking me a million questions. We all know about the crabs-in-the-barrel effect… But maybe after I run Emperor long enough it won’t even matter to me:joy:



Haha, gotcha. Rest assured, you’ll never receive a piece of physical mail from us. We understand that most people prefer their subliminal use to be anonymous. We’d never intrude on your privacy like that.


With these prices?! The profit won’t even cover the stamps! :smile:

I’m tempted to insert a joke about subliminal advertising here, but that is very easy to misinterpret.

I can tell you that you are right about the last part. Once you get your life in order well enough, you won’t mind anymore if people knew. You may even go around recommending it so they can get their life in order too, as you’ll see how many people are preventing themselves from reaching their potential. Which may start annoying you.