Manifestation Magic


Has anyone ever heard of this program called manifestation magic?

@SaintSovereign Would running this program mess up the work i have done with UA and EOG?

Unblocking Chakras

Link to the program?



I am just wondering if this program is okay to listen to plus the sub club subs since it isnt exactly ultrasonics its a bit different. My friend bought me this for my birthday and told me to give it a shot.


“The audios have subliminal suggestions inside designed to work on an unconscious level to transform thoughts, beliefs, and patterns around wealth”

Seems to me you would need to test it. And probably not run SubClub ultrasonics in the background.

Messing up, probably not. At worst, diminish, but that’s doubtful unless they are not truthful about what the messages are about.


I would listen to them at different times then subclub. It would be too much on the mind to pley them and subclub at the same time.

@SaintSovereign and @Fire
Have either of you heard of this before or used it? It was created by a guy named Alexander Wilson.