Male enhancement


I started two times ago an exclusive male enhancement main module with some complementary such as dna/epigenetic, Deus and Omnidirectional.
I’ve been listening when sleeping the masked version, two hours first day and just one yesterday.
I woke up both times during night having strong erections, and feeling all the area related to my member is changing.
I’ll keep updating.


This might end up being a lengthy topic :smirk:


And pretty hard


I thought you had to have a minimum of 10 modules? Do they allow less?


I remember reading that too.
But I could choose four or five.


Curious to see how it goes–or rather hear how it goes.

I have male enhancement in my custom and am definitely significantly thicker when erect
and hang lower when non-erect. No change in Erect length yet.



It’ll take awhile though, guys.


This is definitely a long-term project, focus on your other modules instead :smiley:


no male enhancement Ultima?:joy:


We’re thinking about it. :wink:


Since adding the ME to my stack when I started I’m making gains down below

It’s certainly lengthening but I notice its getting wider in girth more

My erection was quite big last night and feels good too haha

Not really wanting to carry on describing my junk to some other dudes on the internet but here we are…:laughing:


Hahahahaha. We are grateful for your bravery. :wink:


spend day in bed with girl
next night
she’s like shocked… ‘what happened…’

I’m like 'Male enhancement Ultima is temporary effect, need to run another loop, don’t worry I’m stacking male enhancement q for long term gains"