Making Stark more alpha in a Q custom

Ok, Stark has many great qualities, but I am thinking it could be interesting to add some Q modules to Stark to make it more masculine and alpha.

Right now I am looking to add Ares, Lion 4, Power Unleashed, Dominion, Rogue and Total Nonchalance into the build to up the alpha masculine qualities of it.

I am also combining it with Primal Seduction, and possibly Power Can Corrupt and/or Daredevil as all these would add interesting alpha flavors to Stark.

I am wonder what you might add if you were following this path?



I think power unleashed and alpha of alpha would make it way more of an alpha title, also maybe invincible presence or godlike masculinity.

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Daredevil is more of a social alpha like the happy go lucky life of the party kind of person from what i have read in the description. I am not sure it would help you be more masculine and alpha then Stark already is. Something like Ascension or Godlike Masculinity would seem better suited for that or the other ones i mentioned.
Just my 2 cents

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I need the social as much as I need the alpha.

I was hoping that maybe 5 or 6 alpha type modules would be a fine bulwark of alpha masculinity against the social maelstrom of Daredevil. That they might balance each other.

I guess the other choice is to lose some of the positive aspects of Stark by dumping it and replacing it with Khan ST4.


-Alpha of alpha
-Leader of men


Yea but Stark is already a social alpha plus you have the fame module which increases that a little bit or more. When i ran stark it def hinted to me to be more social and out going, also to create more relationships.

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Daredevil would be the first core out, but I am intrigued by it, too.

So for social alpha could Khan ST4 be better in the build than Stark?

Here is a question, What are your goals for the sub?

Khan stage 4 could def be a replacement, for customs and all the modules out now you could make a hybrid out of almost any core.

While they never released an actual celebrity module, spotlight is very close but has more to deal with the internet and also social media which everything in our world seems to revolve around anyways. You also have trailblazer which is an inventor module which seems very close to the one in stark.

Wondering why this is when it’s clearly known to exist in stark.

It is probably so each subliminal has some uniqueness or it has already been updated to something else. It also could be on the way in another module pack

I have considered incorporating this but I’m not that big on social media usage.

I think Stark has Spotlight in it.

Pair Godlike Masculinity, Lion IV, some others with Stark & Daredevil.

My goals are general purpose to develop greater inner power and unflappability, while developing greater social skills and acuity and not losing the creative core of my self. Oh, and be even better at talking up and picking up on chicks.

Where I am right now on this:

Stark or Khan ST4
Primal Seduction
Power Can Corrupt

Ego Adsum

Iron Frame

Total Nonchalance
Power Unleashed
Lion iv

Productivity Unleashed
Debt Annihilator

Ultimate Writer
Ultimate Visual Artist
Ultimate Music Producer

Attachment Destroyer

I’ve got the cores together + the modules grouped into loose themes.

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The surefire way to make Stark more alpha is run it with Ascension

@HappyHero and @Hermit did this to great effect for a while if I remember correctly.

If you want modules only, I would say without a doubt Godlike Masculinity is a must, anything I have stacked that with becomes Alpha. I would also suggest Leader of Men, as it seems it’s not just leadership skill per say but brings out internal masculinity to the point where other men want to follow.Alpha of Alpha seems more situation based.


When I get this new custom made I will be stacking it with a custom I’ve already been running for two months that consists of:

Sex Mastery

Blue Skies
I Am
New Beginnings

Ego Adsum
Lion iv

So I have been running Ascension within this pretty streamlined custom for nearly two months.

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I am intrigued by “Leader of Men”. I hadn’t really given that one much thought.