Making changes Permanent


I have notuices that the effects of Emperor or Primal fade after after a few weeks when you stop listening.

Is there a way one can ingrain the changes permanently ?.

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The long term effects are not fading. You’re simply not receiving the acute benefits of actively running the subliminal.

If you stop going to the gym, you stop getting stronger and you’ll lose a bit if the health you had when training avidly, but there always going to be a baseline increase in strength from your previous work.

If you’re running another sub when you stop a title, you’re also changing the focus of your subconscious, so it may feel like results are “fading,” when it’s not.


An emperor stays an emperor because he is in an environment where he meets with powerful people and makes emperor-level decisions everyday. An emperor who abdicates and becomes a hermit will adopt hermit-level mindset over time.

Our subconscious mind must be regularly reminded of who we are, or other influences will start to shape it.